June Atlas Mechanics Patch


Now we just need to wait 3 more months for the gold to get fixed :woman_shrugging:t3:

Suggestion: Team Vault

@PGEggToken could you fix an issue with the rider mission tokens, they’re unusable if you have a rider of the level

You just keep going around in circles.


To be honest i don’t get why its a problem to have primarchs summon times at 1 hr. The 1 troop primarchs cant be abused cause then you can directly attack the castle anyway now.
That said, i also didnt mind the 12 hr summon time.


I said this a when the last revision to primarchs were made. I’m happy you are finally doing it! This will truly open the map as you all intended.

Can we get an example of what it should look like without bonus for fort level or gold storage level, whatever increases it?

What about the troops situation? In another post @PGDave stated you guys are discussing changing the amount of gold needed per troop. Is that something still in the works??


Thank you!! This was such a painful use of speed-ups just to be able to continue battling… I have a lot of troops, but my prims will only hold so many. That 12-hr summon time was really prohibitive.

This is fantastic, too, at first glance. It’s still such a pain trying to figure out how to travel around the map. I may regret it when enemies show up at my doorstep at a moment’s notice, but I’m glad we’ll have a chance to try it out. :slight_smile:

Thank you for listening to us, but 3x is not enough. 10x would be more appropriate to deal with the gold shortage we are experiencing.


Have u tried clicking on the rider on the right u want to deploy using tokens? Because that works for me.

I click on the rider on the right, say a lvl 2 and then hit deploy tokens


I guess I can agree with that some… but to conquer you need to eliminate all prims also…


Yep. It Will be a battle who gets tired first. Or which one gets wipe out with resources: 1 minute timer vs healing pots :see_no_evil:


Not sure if I’m a big fan of that…


Yeah true. Okay i get your point. It didnt need to be lowered


The thing is people already do this with fighters 15m summon time. Decreasing summon time for the other prims won’t break it. 1 troop on a rusher still kills 8 troops as it does on a fighter. If you are using the attacking and quitting method.


So flak will finally be able to fulfill their natural role and take out passing overhead primarchs? :wink:


You have to choose which rider on the right you want to deploy using tokens.


Why would whether or not ur team had refineries built before reduce the amount of shards you get in personal prizes?




Personal progression prize crafting material amounts have always been higher or lower based on your teams refinery levels. Better refineries meant better or worse personal progression prizing.

We are changing this so that the prizing for everyone goes up, and that you don’t need upgraded refineries to get better personal progression prizing. If you previously had high level refineries you were already getting part of the bonus we are now giving to everyone.


Ok I see. So it’s not that it will be less then anyone else’s, it’s just less of an increase from previous prizes because you were already getting higher prizes.

Thx for the clarification.


Oh it’s a token to allow low level riders to do high level missions. Not a freebe mission


Yep! You got it :smiley:


This change in blockade time and primarch summon time is absolutely horrible
Now it will be impossible to get rid of “1troop warriors” who will come from all parts of the map to prevent conquering castles
If you changed this,maybe it’s time to put minimum troops number,which you can put on primarch to move it?
Let’s say ,it will be summoned with 1 troop.and it will be able to move threw all friendly lands
But you’ll be able to use/move it to enemy castle only with 3-5k troops (which makes sense,because it’s rather you going there to exploit 1troops mechanics or fight for real)
Now it doesn’t make any sense
Just helps ppl exploit glitches
I’m sure,you had best intentions,but,maybe you missed this point earlier