June Atlas Mechanics Patch


I kinda thought these would be coming out all at once and we would be notified when but I gues not lol. I see those stealth updates :see_no_evil:

I got a lot to say about these changes and none of it is very nice so I’ll refrain from elaborating until I’ve had some sleep


What is the purpose of this change?
“Fog of War” has always been in almost every war game… why would you open everyone up like that?


Agreed, fog of war is an important facet of every strategy game. Getting away with it… is just really weird and dumb imo


Has a date been schedule for these changes? @PGEggToken @pgEcho


Some of them are already in effect. I know that the blockade time is new.


I’m mostly looking for the flying primach mechanic and gold.


Would be nice to know exactly what went live when it was released?


So far the summon time, the blockade time, and the ability to see primarch troops on enemy islands (can’t see castle guards tho).


I find the extent of the change in this impossible to fathom. 5 hours was never realistic and I advocated for its change.

5 minutes is ludicrous and does not allow a team under attack to react.

This will affect the smallest teams who have not built infrastructure. It enables bullying behaviour where a stronger team can mow through a collective of smaller teams without recourse.

Gatekeeper roles, where a stronger team would shelter weaker ones by holding the gate to the area is now pointless, you can’t trap the attacking team by putting the shield back in place as soon as popped.

As a team who works with many smaller teams I am horrified at what I have seen over the weekend.

Why are these patches released without notice and debate, who chose 5 minutes? Let me guess the biggest team who stand to gain uninhibited access to all corners of the map?

Panda would regularly come and ‘scout’ all the bases in the area, and suicide to get away from the 5.5h blockade. Now Panda can scout at will, moving on every few minutes. You may never know you’ve been scouted!

Please please please make an urgent change to make the lowest time 30mins. And scale it to 2.5 hours max.

Please put the protection of the weakest teams, or at least giving them a fair and reasonable warning / level ground from which to defend, as a top priority!

You have stated that you are focussed on bringing more balance to atlas. I think this change (the extent of it) has achieved the opposite.


They’re removing the Fog of War, so you no longer need to worry about scouts.


This horrifies me too


:thinking: wonder if they want all troops and forts destroyed as fast as possible so people have to spend more money? :unamused::unamused::unamused:

Guess if you have unlimited funds this game is fun.
If you don’t? Might want to find a new game.

EVERY change… seems to be made to encourage the distruction of all things so you are forced to spend or get killed off.

And oddly enough all of these changes benefit one particular group exponentially :thinking:.

Funny it’s like the lvl 2’s and 3’s will be impossible to hold but the lvl 4’s and 5’s impossible to lose!


This change is actually a bit opposite. It allows you to withdraw once engaged - so the total losses are less since its not a total wipeout.

However, if teams didn’t upgrade any interior infrastructure and relied on not having a shield to permanently trap attackers on the periphery, I’m sure this will be a rude wakeup. Such teams will probably now not be rewarded for gaming the system anymore.

All in all it seemed like combat was a lot more fluid this weekend and that seems to be a good thing.

It also seemed to have the desired effect in having the top teams hit each other, instead of solely picking on lower teams with high g.

I am however not a fan of the fog of war being removed - that at least added strategy workout tedium


This also stops bigger teams insulating themselves by surrounding their borders with smaller teams as a meat shield. That’s not going to be an effective strategy anymore.


Sounds like everything worked out perfectly for some!
Glad things fell in your favor and to your liking.
Still wondering how PG is going to make money once every other team is wiped off the map :thinking: with 0 troops left and no ability to play the “game”.

Even bigger problem?! What will some teams do when there is no one left to kill off? :scream:


Im sure the teams with ppl visa-ing up to 500k revives a day on a single acc will do well. Since its not my team maybe they will answer


@PGEggToken @pgEcho

With everything being “sped up” by massive amounts.

Should the cooldowns on the shields also not be sped up??? It’s still 3 hours you have to sit there and wait for the shields.
If you followed the same time reductions as you did with everything else? It would be less than 30min before the could be reactivated.


And using that reasoning an hour or two before it expires again so you can hit the same base again?



Right… see with one change it effects so many others this has dominoed now…
So it’s been sped up significantly but maybe too much?
I don’t know… maybe unintended consequences.


Yeah I get where you are coming from

I still think its better than it was, but obv not perfect