June Atlas Mechanics Patch


That all sounds nice, but what about the playability of atlas? For people like me using android devices atlas is the place to go to crash the app. The lag / delay is horrific. It can take me an hour just to claim a few prizes and open a couple chests. Almost every attack results in my screen going sideways and shuts off my device. I understand that coding can be tricky, but come on already! This has been going on for a while. What good are super neat prizes if you can’t even claim them? Will this also fix being able to move around the map without having to zoom in and out to do so? Because right now it’s too frustrating to even move let alone battle.


Can you elaborate what you mean? :flushed:


@BUGALL0N - who is that directed towards?


I mean this, what do you mean about it?


In that way, yep. I understand that :blush:.
But I’m still confuse to how to put that in correlation with the latest Atlas patch update :thinking:.


@BUGALL0N - there is plenty of correlation. So all good :+1:t2:


Not all Android devices. My pixel doesn’t have any (more) issues with Atlas. I guess when it’s time for a new device, take advantage of the ability to port to iOS or get a Droid that the game runs on. My Samsung Galaxy always had issues.


Ninja edit :eyes::clap:t2:


Any chance the poacher multiplier could be left at 5x as well instead of 1x? :eyes:


Huh? They only changed it on mines, not poachers??
That’s what I’d mainly want to grind on- for shards… :disappointed_relieved:
Hopefully that is an oversight… :pray:


Yes only gold multipliers, they are both separate.

Gold multipliers start 30x and goes to 11x then now 5x
Shard multipliers start at 9x, 8x, 7x, 6x, then drop to 1x


Really? I hadn’t noticed a difference in gold payout whether I hit a poacher or a mine (in my first few days of Atlas, so it could very easily have just been an oversight), so I have been hitting poachers and skipping mines… Have I been missing out on TONS of gold this whole time? :confused:


No no no no.

Let me clarify.

Anytime you hit either a poacher or mine (doesn’t matter) your daily gold multiplier goes down by 1. It starts at 30x and decreases by 1 until you hit 11x, then it drops to (now) 5x.

Anytime that you hit a poacher specifically for shards the shards have a completely separate multiplier for shard quantity. Poachers will still give you your current gold multiplier, however you also get an entirely separate shard multiplier. This shard multiplier is 9x, then 8x, then 7x, then 6x for your first 4 runs, then drops down to 1x.

So no you can hit either mines or poachers and get the exact same amount of gold. Your shard multipliers is completely separate.


OK that’s what I thought, but I wanted to make sure. Ultimately, I was HOPING I was wrong so my life would get a lot better LOL.

Thanks as always bud :beers:


Thanks for the clarification. Yes, an increase in the minimum shard multiplier is definitely needed as well. The shard shortage is REAL… lol


So shard multipliers haven’t been increased at all? Still the lousy 1x?


So is there any benefit to leveling refineries anymore ?


@Direwolfghost Poacher loot increases with refinery level.


Thanks so much


That’s always been the case…