June Atlas Mechanics Patch



Update didn’t fix this at all :pensive:


The severe lag is real!!!


Hey guess what?

More of this info should be in the version update notes in the App Store/Play Store.

Why are you guys so, so averse to being forthcoming with information?

“The forums represent such a small sample of the overall player base”, yet there’s a lot of information here that people who don’t frequent the forums wouldn’t be privy to.

Put it in the version notes.


@PGDave wasn’t this patch supposed to resolve the issue where you get token missions for dragons that are on atlas missions? Well, it didn’t… I’m still getting token missions for dragons that are unavailable.


We discussed 6x. Typical PG ninja nerf… @PGDave I’m not happy! :triumph:


Why not just keep mission dragons off your roster? I really hate to suggest a way to skirt what should be happening, but honestly it’s not really that bad is it?


I’ve wrote in to pg already but would be nice if you guys gave the backer something for following runs in atlas attacks like gold would be nice as of now we don’t get anything for backing players


I also found out that a level 3 HQ delay is 10 mins. The scaling on this is crazy.


4-6-8 hours was too much
10-20-30 minutes too little

1-2-3 hours is somewhere in the middle?

Lvl 1 fort 1 hour
Lvl 2 fort 1.5 hours
Lvl 3 fort 2 hours
Lvl 4 fort 2.5 hours
Lvl 5 fort 3 hours … ect

Maybe, that would seem like a better compromise?


Eh I actually like how it is. Adds more strategy…freedom of movement, etc.


What about a toggle between short-med-long delay times? Set it on a per castle basis, sometimes certain castles attract a ton of cats (less these days with better routing) but maybe some teams want to just give a short blockade time and some teams really want to lock teams in.

Give it a base value for the longest duration (say 4 hours at min level, 8 hours at max level) and do “short blockade” as 10% of that time, “medium” as 50% of that time and “Long” as 100% of that time.

Then teams can customize the block per castle as to what they want to use it for. Officers can set it directly on the fort page of each castle, and set the default to be Long (100%) when constructed.


I like options! Always makes things better IMHO


I think blockade delay time should be based on Castle level

Level 2 castle should have the current time which is 5 minute per level (max 1 hour if it’s a level 12 fort)
Level 3 castle has 10 minutes per level (max 2 hours if it’s a level 12 fort)
Level 4 castle has 20 minutes per level (max 4 hours if it’s a level 12 fort)
Level 5 castle has 30 minutes per level (max 6 hours if it’s a level 12 fort)


even better and it would give an incentive to build up the forts…
However, lvl 2 island can only have a lvl 3 fort max… Same for others fort sizes cannot go to lvl 12 currently.


None of this information should be in the app store/play store as it is only available to a very small portion of the players and very unlikely new players will see the light of day in Atlas for a long time. Those affected by these atlas changes should have someone on their team paying attention to these patches.

However, it does seem PG can do a better job explaining their patch notes the first time as they had to do a lot of follow up in this thread.

An old adage comes to mind, do the job right the first time . . . Granted, PG is a new company still figuring things out and a lot of young people doing the communication. I expect they will be sharp with more experience.


Disagree. Communicating changes that affect user interaction with your product is not only common sense, but also an industry-recognized best practice for most service lifecycles.

Yes they should; however when PG itself has indicated that these forums represent only a small portion of the player base and are not intended to be a direct avenue of communication between players and PG this argument falls flat. They should be communicating change to the widest possible user audience. Not everyone reads the forums, just as not everyone visits facebook or watches the Twitch or youtube streams. Also based on PG’s track record, there’s no reason why they can’t/shouldn’t over-communicate things like these.

This game alone is more than 3 years old, and this isn’t their first offering. The communication should really be nailed down by now.


Do we have an ETA for when Atlas will return? @PGDave


Probably sometime between soon and never depending how much got broken while they were fixing things🤦🏻‍♂️




The update should only show very basic high level information and really nothing more.

If players are not interested in reading patch notes in the forums, which is the industry standard location to place patch notes, then placing them in the app store will not do much to help. Most just press update and move on.

What PG should do is send an in game mail and place a link to the patch notes there. That is far more superior in getting the message out than your suggestion. If players choose to ignore it when it is handed to them in such an obvious manner then that really becomes their issue.