June Atlas Mechanics Patch


I have not seen an update from PG on the progress which I would have expected being that the servers were brought down yesterday.

Have never seen a game server down this long except when they had issues. Probably why gaming companies do their patch maintenance early rather than late in the day.

EDIT: they probably left the work unfinished last night and have not returned yet this morning.


Except that they already put most of this info in the version release notes on app updates, and asking them to do something a different way is just asking for more problems. Asking them to do something they already do better has a slightly higher probability of success.



Asking them to send out an in game mail with a link like they do several times a week for other information is asking for more problems?

Odd since we get notifications for in game mail yet we can ensure we do not have to see the app store at all with automatic dl.


They’re sporadic and untimely. Also patch notes isn’t something they already notify players about via in-game mail.

So yeah I think it’s asking for more problems.

You’re free to feel differently.


I continue to get elite egg token missions for dragons that are locked up on rider missions. Flash being most recent. I saw all the old, closed threads from back on April 6th (ish) but nothing that said this should be fixed or not.

I remember Mech saying he uses riders that are not in his lineup but I need gold and an atlas noob without “extra” riders so…

@PGEggToken tagging you since you closed the threads I found. Is this supposed to be fixed?


If they are on a mission there is no reason to have in your line up.


I tend to start rider missions at 22:00 and let them go overnight while I sleep and then they are done overnight.


I understand that to a point ryathe, but I would say if they are locked (and it’s obvious from the roster) they shouldn’t be used in the token mission algorithm. They won’t let us fly the dragon so they know it’s locked. I leave them in my roster so I can use them when finished prior to claiming gold, it’s an easy way to tell they are done too.

I try to do two sets of missions per day for the gold.


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