Just a Bit of Fun


I know there needs to be some mechanics changes and a lot of simplified things, with that said I DO think having all the teams be able to exist opens up new alliances and possibilities that are not possible in the core game. You get everything from being able to negotiate to being able to say “If you attack us, we will release the Wookie on you”. Maybe the second one is just us but its one of my favorites.




LMAO Panda. I’m not sure PG or most of the game understands what ‘release the Wookie on you…’ really means. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What about making it so you have to be close to a teammate to defend him/her, at least be in the same continent that is being attacked or defended, instead of hiding away in a neutral zone. I bring this to you Panda because I’m new in forums and am still struggling in navigating around.


It used to be this way before and I think most people (myself included) felt it was better to allow any teammate who was on to follow or defend in beta attacks in order to encourage and reward team participation in beta (not just sit around uselessly if an attack happens one zone over or whatever).


Honestly it was so much work, it becomes hours of just sitting and waiting for the other party to get there.


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