Just a reminder to all

We recently received reports of various exploits regarding avoiding cooldowns after a castle shield expires, manipulation around castle ownership, etc. In addition, we have also received reports of teams/players threatening other players when determining who can be in a guild or not (e.g. extortions, membership/guild blacklisting, etc.). Please note, these actions are violations of our Terms of Service, and we reserve the right to suspend or ban any account at any time if we find that a player’s actions are not in line with fair play or within the intentions of our game’s design.

We take all reports of cheating and exploits, and bullying seriously. Your account can be temporarily suspended if further investigation of these violations is required. If found guilty or if any cheating activity does not stop immediately, the offending player will be permanently banned from the game. We believe in having a competitive and fair environment in our game; and we will not tolerate actions that violate our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. If there are any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support team.