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So since you don’t need sigils for mythics any more; it’s just 3 keys and it’s free. Why not provide a stock run same level towers for what ever tier, or a tier higher then the dragon. This would let consumers test fly before claiming said mythic. Both sorc n hunter this season have a new never before seen change up of skills, multiple sets more then our basic 3 skill none changing combination. It’s tough to get a feel for either of them through the trailer under demo video. I think if you have aquired 3 keys, it’d be nice to run them through a base with all skills unlocked and towers of equal level, to get a better feel for what to pick.


I am absolutely certain PG wouldnt allow this or even try to entertain the idea because of :dollar::yen::euro::moneybag::face_with_hand_over_mouth:… um but yeah it would be cool if youve gotten a feel of both mythics before deciding which one to pick

Gearlesa ruinless wont be same

Uhh by the time you have 3 keys the money is already spent… new mythics don’t require sigils.

I still think it would be nice to have test runs for dragons, both legendary and mythic. Of course, they would need to be limited and only in a test environment. Say three runs for the season, and perhaps a mid-tier (sapphire/garnet/emerald), ungeared version of the dragon versus prebuilt, ungeared bases (like a PVE base). Many people have different play styles, and watching videos of someone else’s play style typically does not give them an idea of how the dragon would do in their own hands.

Not sure how letting people test dragons before claiming them would reduce PG’s income… It would merely cut down on the people who get angry that they ended up with a dragon they didn’t like. If they don’t like one of the dragons they test, they get another one. Either way, PG still makes profit.

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I could see this with the mythics IF you’ve already got all the sigils. Otherwise it could very well cut into their bottom line

I keep telling PG to just being back assault and include a correctly tiered seasonal divines in the roster to choose from.

You can then test them against decently hard bases at all levels.


Couldn’t they just make an instance like temple raid or something? AI detects your highest tier, makes an appropriate base available from seasonal screen and only has the season dragons in its roster. That way you’re not flying them for “free” against real bases, you don’t get to gain resources or anything but try them out in an isolated and tier appropriate environment.

Or maybe that’s what you meant Mech I don’t know what assault is.

Temple raid guardian style was modeled after the assault i believe.

Assault was basically a string of “difficult” PvE bases that you beat in ascending order. You got more points for using lower AP dragons, so the more difficult you made it for yourself. You got a star if you beat the base if the sum of your dragons AP was <25% of the bases defense power.

Basically the thing they upgraded in Temple was made your roster auto populate instead of you having to tune your own roster for each different tier. I’m pretty sure that Assault you could use any dragons to defeat the bases. This lead to people with divines usually hitting a few bases at the top where their top 3 dragons didn’t even equal 25% of the bases defense power, rendering them a star on each if they beat them.

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ZEither way, idk programming or how much it would entail, but a simple base option in the seasonal tab that allowed you to run any dragon on a predetermined equal tier base would be one appricated and two may actually increase peoples liklyhood of spending to get a dragon they want. And if you could test a mythic once you have 3 keys you spent all you were going to anyways.

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I get the feeling introducing a mechanic that allows an unearned dragon to appear on a players roster will open up a can of worms called a back door…

They should bring back assault. It was awesome. The only complaints people had were:

  1. Having to have the dragons in your roster you intended on using, so a lot of switching needed to happen, and

  2. The energy used was the same as PvP and the rewards were drastically smaller. Plus you needed to kill 5 bases to hold the next tier, which took 20 energy.

Apparently to PG, these two complaints meant “nobody likes the event.” Everybody loved it. It was just a nuisance swapping dragons in and out, and the rewards weren’t worth the energy packs needed.

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I really lived this event mech. Only got to play it once but was a blast. Less ap dragons used with skill to get max points. Sure use the power dragons but to get the max points needed skill and strategy.
Bring it back with the modifications suggested above.

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I actually seeing it uping the income factor as consumers would now know what they missing if they don’t acquire a mythic. It would give more incentives to get it. Think of it like promotional rates for everything, suckers you in then “O ya ok I have to have this”.

Not alone


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It’s the same as a test drive for a vehicle, you decide if you want it or not then have the incentive to then own it.

It’s then on the devs to create products people want, as it should be yes?

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Except… Since you made the vehicle comparison… That very limited test flight (That PG will never allow anyway) would be the equivalent of a dealership only letting you test drive a Lamborghini by making one trip around their parking lot. It’s not like you’d be able to get a week-long road trip in order to get a true feel for how it handles. Sure… you may want to own it because it looks nice, but nice looks don’t get the job done… especially if one cannot learn to drive a manual transmission.

Anyway… PG will never let it happen, and for good reason, so its a moot point to even discuss it.

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Nothing but assumptions

There is good reason to test flights, reasons listed above, they can come up with a way to make it safe for the game. Even if it’s the equivalent of a NASCAR simulator where you don’t even get the real thing but something very close, close enough. Game related I guess that would be phantom dragon (universal looks, maybe based off a crash dummy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) that has the spells of the dragons.

Off topic: if they can’t drive the stick I really hope they reconsider buying…

Well… test flying any type of “surrogate” dragon for a very short period is absolutely no true indicator of how well it’s spells work, nor how well one will learn them. Heck… the spells may end up being completely different after its actually released. IF PG were to EVER make that option available, there will be MANY people crying for a refund because the dragon is not what they test-flew. I can’t ever see any type of test flights being an option, and I’m glad they will not be. When I get a dragon… I get what I get. If I don’t like it, there will always be another season to try again.

My avatar in-game is a constant reminder to myself to choose wisely when it comes to dragons. :see_no_evil::joy::joy:

  • A dragon will have different performance against defended base and undefended base.
  • Using it against real base is unfair for the “victim”, while using it against PvE base won’t show its actual performance (simply because the AI sucks, no extra boost, and no consumable boost).
  • If it’s about skill preview, haven’t the video shown enough?

Suggestion is fly during the season, so it’s already released. Besides tweaks after release, which would then change test facility dragon also, the moves would be the same.

Very true, but something is better than nothing.


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Unboosted dragon vs unboosted base equals 100% boosted dragon vs 100% boosted base. Also others said PvE which I agree with, real base unfair, unless it’s your own :stuck_out_tongue: and teammates could defend, lol three birds one stone. That would cause issues with boosted base vs unboosted dragon though.

That video shows 2 seconds of gameplay, videos from CF members flying? There are 3 major ways of learning auditory, visual, tactile. While a CF video can cover 2/3 some people like to “feel” it first.


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