Just an idea.... about... hammers 👀

Hammers are near impossible to stock up on if you’re an active defender and don’t spend a lot. I wonder if we could get refunded a larger portion of hammers for defenses won… might ludicrous but I defend A LOT when we have hammers an between regular wars and atlas wars/snipes I can easily go through 200 hammers a day but can only build 8 hammers a day… I mean that seems insane to me.


really? I have well over 1000 of them and I defend every war, atlas battle, and pvp event. :confused:


I have gone through 250 since pvp ended :man_shrugging:

Down to 160-ish from over 400.

If u have 1000+ u not defend hard enough🧐


Same. Mostly because I refuse to use resources for a base that is cannot be defended easily either due to a much higher level attacker or poor base design. I will use them at will for a good base and if the odds are not lopsided.

I have seem people toss out resources like they were water when the base and more specifically island were not very strong. That is a waste.

The question is why is OP having issues with only hammers and not shields?


You can use many hammers per dragon but generally only 1 shield


:point_up_2: What Nulla said accept I’ll use a few shields, depending on how may kill islands the person I’m defending. If I’m defending someone with 20 lvl 80 towers I will easily go through 2 shields per dragon and 8hammers per dragon depending on whether they clear each island and if I have supershots left. UVS causes a lot of extra resources to be used…

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Yeh very true… I should have said per island per dragon

You are talking about defending bases that most of us will never see. Mostly what I see in plat, if they have more than one kill island they have none and are not worth using hammers.

While I also use more hammers when defending a strong base what you are describing seems to be isolated to the top teams.

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Can we just forge a titanium hammer that we can drop as many times as we want when defending a base. 1 hammer per defend room or something?


This would be amazing… don’t ever see it happening… hope you weren’t being facetious :joy:

Naturally. “If it doesn’t effect me it’s unnecessary.” Hate to break t to you there are plenty of us that see these bases. If you’re in Sapphire 3+ you’re possibly going to encounter a base like this. With 275 falling in that group I just mentioned, that’s around 13k people that will possible defend a base like that not accounting for alts.

Not that that matters.

Love how you put words into my mouth,. LOL. Not that it matters and certainly not that you are concerned.


This is exactly what I do. I’ve found bases that should have been equal to dragons level but then I see they have random cannons and ballista turrets on it (I’m talking level 300+ bases) and I think lolnope. Not wasting my hammers on cannons! >___>


The problem is unless you know the attacker you don’t know how their dragons are geared. The bases I drop hammers on are well built with properly placed mages and flaks all maxed. Just yesterday a teammate and I stopped a sniper with backup that use 2 Empyrean Ronins, and Empyrean UVS and Itzani. We stopped him but it wasn’t easy and I personally used about 20 hammers. This was just one attack… and after that he didn’t come back. If we hadn’t stopped him he would have kept coming back. So it was a good use of hammers but it doesn’t change the fact that in one battle I used more hammers than I can make in 48 hrs…


Cannons can be very useful for breaking shields if you can’t afford an ice flak Plus with the right research you get more super shots for free if you break a shield.

:joy: so true! But get an ice flak :smiling_imp:. That was my second flak for a reason. So useful!

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shhhhhhhhhh he’s calling us a top team, just be quiet :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face: