Just enough rune dust?

Remember when they said there will be “just enough rune dust” in the season lines? Well there isn’t… I define “just enough” as the proper amount needed to expert all of the runes on the line. That seems like a logical assumption. However once you complete the line, you’ll have enough dust to expert the smaller runes and have a nice mythic rune stuck at level 5. That last level cost 1.85mil dust, which isn’t exactly easy to get, noting how little you get from salvaging runes, and silver chests aren’t appealing enough to open hundreds of. Anyone else see this as a problem?


yes. but I haven’t paid much attention to the prizes yet. I got my breeding token boost. now I’m waiting to see how the 3rd week rider is. I’ve decided to take it easy this season.

i disagree its not enough. having rune dust for 1 legendary and 1 mythic wouldn’t even be enough, since we’re still expected to level base runes and runes from chests without a viable means of obtaining it outside of the season. @PGJared

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In previous seasons, they flooded us with rune dust, and then gave none… this was supposed to be the “perfect balance” and I have quite a few mythic runes and no dust… so I relate so much to your point

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Not to mention enough dust to expert runes form last season.

How about an exchange program of 200 rune dust per Black pearl?

Seriously… stop with the Black Pearl flood in Gold chests. Please!

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I guess this is a good example of how hard it is to make everyone happy.

I will agree that “just enough” sounded to me like I’d be able to expert all the runes in that line with the dust in that line. This is not the case, and I’m disappointed. It was what I thought would be the case.

But this… When others are begging for more pearls… Says you can’t make everyone happy.

I don’t think pearls should drop more often. I think when they do drop, there should be quite a bit more.

If you started playing recently, pearls have been extremely difficult to get.

But back to dust…

Dust is hard to get, and for some runes, it’ll make a big difference. In others, it makes almost no difference… So, be aware of where your spending it…

While open to interpretation, I think it’s reasonable that “just enough” be heard by a player as “it’ll cover the cost of the upgrades in that line.”.

I think we got the short end of the stick when dust basically didn’t exist. I think without another way to get it (say, silver chests drop 50k as rare, 250k as epic, and 500k as legendary), it’s somewhat disingenuous to offer more but not enough… And definitely not enough to cover old runes.

In the back of their mind (but not too far back), I think PG still wishes to push people to the runic chests… But they are (for now) such an incredibly bad deal, only people desperate for dust or some specific rune or who have more dollars than sense use them. Just my opinion. You can spend your money how you’d like. :slight_smile:

Objectively, they are a bad deal.

But so is carnival food.


I think they put too much in. I don’t want or need that shit.

Of rune dust?? I hope you simply forgot you /sarcasm tag

What happened to trading posts ? I never had one but it would make everyone happy if they could dump the million fire and ice shards and black pearls they don’t need for something useful

Too easy for hackers to exploit right now :woman_shrugging:

Apparently, both the trading and the salvage were easily exploited.

This is unfortunate. One player’s trash is another player’s treasure.

Maybe they can arrange a way to securely facilitate these features in the future. I do not anticipate it is a priority.

Promise I’m 100% serious

See my screenshots, not all players share your experience… those of us with a lot of mythics can only get rune dust from the sane place as those without

I was replying to @Turpentine4All who said he thinks they put too much in. I have more rune dust than you, but I’m careful on what runes I level up. I don’t feel I have nearly enough.

Ah, only if forums still put the little picture when you reply directly underneath someone… and I agree with you, I expert the runes I plan to use, but that does include quite a few legendary runes

If you have been playing for a while, or you spend a lot, and one of those is true with that many mythic runes, then I am not surprised you have enough dust… But how many times can you level one of those mythics with the dust you have right now? :man_shrugging:

In a game where there is no way to earn some things, it’s never a good idea to say you have too much. You may find that one day, you do not have enough.

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If you’re replying to Enigma he does not have enough dust, the other guy said it was too much

I don’t have enough to max an epic :joy: that’s my dilemma, and the thread lol… I’m actually a mix of spending and playing for a while, and the complete lack of rune dust last season only exacerbated my problem

I’m shocked they only raised the amount of rune dust by 330k this season.I really thought they would give enough to level all of the runes to expert in the line. I’m a mid level player and I didn’t use the runes as often as I do now. Back then I had too much dust now I don’t have enough. Does anyone know how much dust we received the season before the shortage in last? I believe it was fall season.

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I must have misunderstood you.

It looked like you were saying you had plenty… Lol.

My bad

I think we’re on the same page.