Just fix the dark flax already PG

My dark flax is still weird, I can see the pattern on the bottom but we’re the actual flax is it doesn’t show a flax it shows the white outline of a flax. PG please just fix the flax towers already! :pray::pray::pray:

Try reinstalling the game or freeing some storage. I did that and it fixed it

Congratulations you just passed the test to be employed by PG! Welcome to support staff! Just keep repeating that for every ticket you get!

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Usually, the uninstall and reinstall should work for the Dark Flak issue. If it is not, please PM me.

It’s ridiculous to have to uninstall and reinstall your game to fix an issue every time you do an update, isn’t the idea supposed to be that we should be able to play .All of these problems also occur every time there’s an event

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