Just needed sum advice on breeding


hey guys, so im at 58k tokens left after breeding the last 3 emeralds, and i have noctua opened after finishing deci…

should i use all 58k tokens and rest mystic frags to get noctua and unlock obsidian?

thanm you.


What breeding path are you on?


reds detailed vanguard.


Well it looks like you only get 4 garnet and 1 emerald egg from breeding Noctua, so I don’t think it would be an issue if you wanted to spend all your mythic frags :slight_smile:

Edit: the other question is, where would spending those extra rss land you in terms of prizes? It’d kinda suck if you landed halfway between two high prize tiers and couldn’t reach the next, but you had to keep going in order to break through into obsidian.


Quickly and discreetly I’d say.


ahhh, my urge to get into obsidian is overwhleming. im tired of emerald for so long. idk wat to say…according to the path im gonna get emerald eggs, more of them from my nxt 1-2
breeds more than enuff for my hut hopefully.


you know i’m at same place as you. But in random excitement or bs or whatever you can call, i made an error. Biggest error till now!!!
I used 212 frags and 20k tokens wasted for breeding a backbreed garnet mythic AA thinking it was Storm… i wasn’t in RIGHT MIND!!!
Screwed me over and now i have to force myself to postpone obsidian :sob::sob::sob:


oh wow! im sorry to hear that luffy. i felt ur pain on that one!

i just used my tokens and got noctua to 350/700 lol im think should i drop the 350 mystic frags on noctua to finish him?


i totally would!!! screw future planning, need obsidian power boost now!!!


honestly thats wat i was thinking. im trying to get to higher tier… and by time i ever use my frags again ill have close to more than double those frags i have now…




as long as you keep opening golds in PvPs you will keep getting frags. i don’t think of 3 breeds ahead and save frags anymore.

@OrcaFrost at least it was AA because that was the only garnet mythic i didn’t breed yet . But still hurt me. No more Noc this event :frowning:


I have the tokens to get Noctua… but that would bascially mean sacrificing 4 dragons worth of timers to hatch her :see_no_evil: I need those to get to lvl 300 :sob: (I only have about half of the needed timers)


you got construction bonus and such already? too much fort planning lol.
I am doing one fort at a time with how i’m getting my builder hut eggs.
I am surely a bit behind on base so i’m not building anything extra. But then again i have good compensation factor in terms of my amazing gear :see_no_evil:


No construction bonus yet… but I have the eggs needed to get there lol. just need to let the research run most of the way on its own :laughing:

Plus I’m getting all my emerald eggs this event so my kill island can go higher :partying_face:


all? damn nice. i’ll get 9 from deci and have one from storm…
Then again, i am shocked i crossed you :see_no_evil: stop hoarding those timers and rubies . last i saw you were 226 and its been long time :scream:


I’m 235 now and getting all my emerald eggs :laughing: In Feb I’m breeding Estril (not that I can hatch him anytime soon) and Noctua, and getting a big chunk of my needed obsidian eggs.

I was just waiting to get my maximum timer savings lined up before I go on a leveling spree.


i bred deci today and got only 7… and i used only egg tokens. why i didnt get 9?

i used timers to speed deci to get noctua, then i used timers to upgrade incubator to incubate noctua, then used timers to hatch noctua. used all my 12 hrs i saved for nxt fort to get close to 300… im so screwed. and after 300 it will be pointless to even do anything for since im free to play… ill never hit 315


What combo did you use for Deci? Maybe you got different results because of that?


you are way ahead of me in breeding right? Noc would be my first obsidian :rofl:
But then why is your kill island still not 52s? OCD of getting dragons at lowest level possible?
i spread points across forts somehow to hit 2.5M every fort recently. Well anyway, that’s my play style. I am behind on breeding in that sense