Just needed sum advice on breeding


stormheim and deci… hopefully i can get sum from my nxt obsidian breed according to the breeding guide


i just got noctua like 20 mins ago. my hut is capped because of emerald eggs, wont let me go past 52…


did you use any eggs for levelling up your egg mission thing? also, i haven’t bred anything yet but i’m sure you should get 8 eggs at least .


My storm is 52… my flaks aren’t cause that’s an expensive upgrade and I’m still working on mistakes I made when I didn’t know better :laughing: Base is getting closer to being “right” though :laughing: And yes, I am well aware that my mage towers are laging behind… There is a plan, I was just trying to save some timers until research was done :eyes:


tmp ( planning) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes!! :+1:


let’s not talk about your gear and base you ass :expressionless:


If you meant Stormheim and Pyrochis, that should have gotten you 9 eggs…


i think he has to use a few more tokens to get one more extra egg but he should at least get 8.
I did some calc just now and realized that


:rofl: harb eggs next breed for 65s :+1:


My plan’s not that crazy :laughing: In Feb I only get 11 obsidian eggs :rofl:


lol how many points are you targeting the following fort?
must be in excess of 10M


Yeah. 485k tokens and 760 frags needed next event…which is about 770k points… :slight_smile:


I won’t hit 300 that’s for sure, but we’ll see how things go :laughing: I’m not as good at planning out fort events :see_no_evil:


I got mafic :partying_face::partying_face: im just 260 though


Congrats! Mafic (and Archimera as a byproduct) are my next step once I get Marianas breedable (he’s currently lvl 9…)


what’s your current level? did you cross 300 already?

  1. 300 next fort which is why next breed is gonna be HUUUGGGEEE


cooldown, or you will have to sleep through till 330 for few forts :sweat_smile: or maybe not, maybe you are even hardcore grinder and saved all timers for that time in future :scream:


What would you say if I told you I had enough timers for 330?

(I actually don’t know for sure but I think I’m close…)