Just needed sum advice on breeding


im not shocked because you plan 10 forts ahead :sleepy:
I’m trigger happy and can never plan that far ahead while not screwing anywhere. I already pushed myself half breed behind by today’s blunder and i can’t do token runs properly ever ffs


:rofl: only 6 this time…


I only plan breeding events in advance :joy: shhhh, don’t tell Mech :shushing_face:


Just had a really great Noc flyer take me out double defended. Was fun to watch. He had literally a miniscule sliver of health left…

Fantastic 4 tower vines and double blink on kill - was a really great run

Edit here is the vid


guys @Luffy and @LizDrakemoor, i used egg on egg baloon, my bad im tripping. thanks guys so much, thanks grumpy for input as well. thanks for video also. im gonna be practicing a lot on noctua. im not in an hurry to breed after noctua. like i said, im free to play and i wont be hitting 315 cap for harbd anyway. no rush here. im done with that stage of game. im enjoying for now, some stress release flying thats all…


I had earned a single emerald egg from an earlier breed and used it on my balloon too :hugs: I’d say it was a smart move (plus @TheRedDelilah totally recommend that I use it to upgrade my balloon :upside_down_face:)


NIce, that’s a LOT of timers.

Considering 920 + days of timers only got me from 315 to 323. Not even sure I will make 330 next Fort, if I don’t I am screwed for the next breed since I have to be able to hatch and get breeding both balahm and sanguis. I hit 300 back in August and fly a fair amount.


And don’t forget after you hit 330 you need to have save clocks for your castle, incubator and to speed the two dragons before you will be able to breed them.


Terrible lead, Surt wouldn’t be able to follow since he left the red :stuck_out_tongue:


@FLAKnIceHole I feel your pain. I am almost in the same boat as you are. I think @mechengg may also be here with us (or at least in the vicinity). I too hit the L300 wall around last AUG, and am currently at L326. Trying to get to L330 as well in order to hatch the Sanguis and Balahm eggs that I have sitting in my incubator. As you mentioned, that won’t happen until those upgrades have been completed. It’s been a painfully slow grind, but at least with breeding all I can, I have all of the Harbinger eggs that I need for my hut. Since I need to get Sanguis & Balahm, and get them breedable, this L300 wall has brought a halt to my breeding progression. :weary:


Just started the upgrade on my hut.


Good luck!


Backboned? Must be backbreed :thinking:


just noticed how even my mac tries to do whatever it wants with my words :frowning:


So it is backbreed. That is horrible :flushed:

At least it’s just an in-game mistake and not a real life one. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol he did blink late/early (I haven’t figured out which yet. I think early) and got hit by my flak.

But the 4 tower vines under pressure was great and he cleaned with sylph which gave him enough rage. He did well!


1900 days from 315 to 330… :cry:


Ouch @Grumpybigbird !! You just had to point that out didn’t you? Thanks for the painful reminder! :cry::anguished::joy:

It’s a terrible grind. This L300 wall has become more of an anchor that’s dragging us down and making it hard to move forward. Luckily, I’m L326 but that’s still a ton of speedups left to go. :weary:

Good Luck to us ALL! We’ll get there eventually. :wink::beers:


Provided the game is still around long enough :rofl::rofl:


:joy: One step at a time I suppose…


You wasted tokens I wasted timers. :man_facepalming:

Breeding Deci I went to hit the “Stop” button after I saw one of the eggs (Kerbos/Deci) was about to complete. As my finger was moving down the button changed from “Stop” to “Incubate” and popped Kerbos in the Incubator. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

25d of speedups so I could get him out and put Deci in.


You might find you have more time, even months more time than you think.

Throw this little formula into any search engine and see how the littler stuff adds up. @mechengg maybe a reference or revamp of this using your preferred tool ( spreadsheet w/e ) would help others as well. I like the browser since it’s quick to copy the formula from the wiki

With my experience of the 1 and 3 Minute numbers not being noteworthy I think this quick formula using just the 15M 30M 1H and 3H timers Is more useful to use often. Keeping the 12+ Speedos in your head.

Workspace Don’t look behind the curtain !
96:30 48:1 24:3