Just needed sum advice on breeding


Already in mechs planner :man_shrugging: thanks tho!


Another breeding/event question:

Currently breeding Whalegnawer and Consurgens on Red’s best breeding path. I am thinking about using all mystic fragments on whalegnawer because:
It took me a long time to get to level 70 so I have a large part of the green research tree done as I was just getting green eggs for research until then.
I want to space out the event points so I don’t end up with too many green eggs. Whalegnawer is first on Red’s breeding path.
The average cost per fragment for breeding them is 200, which means I’m not losing anything out on event points.

Does my reasoning make sense?


Unfortunately, no.
At some points, you’ll need 2 gold legendaries to train your divine.
Therefore, you’ll need to waste some for Sekoronos or Khrysos (cheap, but delayed)

Even if at #25, Cons can be replaced with Whale for a neglectible amount of token.


Thanks for your advice, but I’m a little confused by what you mean. Although now I’m reading my post again, and I think I left out some info. To clarify:

I plan on getting both Whale and Cons.I just want to space them out across two breeding events as I’m been leveling pretty slowly, and don’t really need green research eggs. I was thinking, by spending mystic fragments on Whalegnawer first, I can start leveling him (and avoid of getting more green research eggs than I need). Then I’ll finish Consurgens next event.

I’m F2P so both fortification and leveling dragons end up taking a longer time now.


Don’t spend mystic fragments on two eggs when you can use tokens. It halves their value.

You will basically need to spend 2x the fragments you would need to on other dragons. It’s not a great use of fragments


Oops, missed cheap combination for Cons.
Anyway, if you’re using fragment, Cons is available for cheap after Quetz, Rizar, or Vulcan (ordered from the cheapest).

Continuing Cons with the same parents, literally wasting much more egg token.


Thanks guys. I see what you’re saying. I need 2 legendaries and it’s either Cons+Whale or Cons as a backbreed if I wait a long time. Looks like I might finish the green research tree after all. -.-

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