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Just me or does anyone else find it funny that the Winterjól sigil has the symbol of Frey, who is the Norse god of Summer? :sweat_smile::joy:




Hysterical even.

:clap::clap::clap::clap: good job PG, now the entire season doesn’t even follow the winter theme


I wanna be technical and say the season is technically Norse-themed, in which case it still fits the bill, but it’s literally called Winterjol so that’s out the window :rofl:

Although my arcane tomes are a little dusty, and admittedly I am not fluent in ancient Norse runes, I believe the “Fehu” or “Feoh” rune (which the Winterjol sigil depicts) is typically associated with wealth.

According to a certain well-known online encyclopedia, it more literally translates to “cattle” - as the amount of cattle one owned in the olden days was almost always an indication of how wealthy they were.

I do not, however, recommend cooking and eating Winterjol sigils, as they appear to be made of silver and lapis, and would probably give you a bad case of indigestion (if not worse).


Is the ‘certain well-known encyclopedia’ Wikipedia?

Fehu means cattle as it was the measure of wealth to the Ancient people. Today, it signifies dynamic wealth, i.e. money and possessions. Fehu also associates the energy of the hard and honest work as a way to earn wealth.

|Equivalent Letter:|F|
|Also known as:|Feoh|

|Meaning:|Cattle. In past times, the wealthier the person the more cattle they had. Today a person’s wealth is not always indicated by the number of cattle, but in many areas of the world cattle have been replaced by material goods and possessions such as gold. The wealth that is earned by hard work.|

And one more on the meaning

Fehu is important in probing what is profit and gain. Fehu usually represents fulfillment – something strived for is within grasp, but there may be opposing forces, which can be overcome with diligence. When in misery or grief, the drawing of Fehu brings comfort (Blum speaks of nourishment as a function of Fehu.)


:flushed: and I thought that’s a twig :man_shrugging:


I already knew that the symbol was a Fehu as I had studied Norse mythology in the past



Don’t say it, don’t say it don’t say it :grimacing:

I am glad that PG has you on board Kharnyx :sunglasses::face_with_monocle:


The Symbol for wealth has more curved lines :joy:

Is this a type of sorcery to make us think we are wealth. Or this is just a season to wealth players :thinking:

That’s incorrect. I’ve studied runic symbols before and there’s always many variations of the same rune that could mean the same or different things. The Fehu rune was about four variations. The one that looks like a pole with two lines on the right pointing straight to the northeast is the original Fehu

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Oh cool. I didn’t know that so thanks for the fun fact of the day! :grin:

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