Just saying thanks for the time and effort on my ticket ( Zen Desk & PG Employees

It looks like I screwed myself :joy:
I accidentally logged into a Banned Account
My Dumbass created an Email Account that was EXACTLY the same as the Banned Account :crazy_face: ( only difference was one is Gmail the other is iCloud )
Then, my Dumbass used the EXACT same password.
So , when I accidentally logged in on the Banned Account, it banned my NEW iPhone :confounded:
I tried very hard to get the War Dragons team to ( temporarily ) lift the Suspension on the Banned Account so I could log out,but I failed :joy:

Bottom line,it was my fault…
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that I communicated with for being polite and professional.
Looks like my War Dragons run is over…
Have fun everyone…:call_me_hand:t4::v:t4:


:thinking: If it’s a new phone and no backups have been made of it since before you logged into war dragons, maybe you can do a factory reset of the phone?

And then restore the phone from the backup.

probably not, probably logged the serial number or the IMEI number :thinking:

LOL,I tried that,plus I made a new iTunes account,
It’ didn’t work.

Good luck with your new account. (Don’t do things to get banned this time.)

Do’oh. So sorry to hear this :sob:

I still don’t know why my original account was suspended :man_shrugging:t4:
I saved all my rubies and Chests for an entire season
I had A LOT of them,I opened like 100 gold chests one day, 15 minutes later,I was Suspended,I never found out why :man_shrugging:t4:

That’s awful. Maybe @PGJared can do a ban review for you?

Kind of funny that you would be publicly thanking support for this after wrongfully banning you.

We didn’t wrongfully ban this person. They tried to log into a banned account accidentally and it caused device issues. Having your account banned can make it difficult to log into another account on a single device. It’s something I’d like to see fixed, but QoL improvements for people we’ve banned isn’t high on the list.


I disagree, part of the issue is that players that cheat can just come back and create a new account and pick up where they left off. This does not need to be fixed. In fact I’d go so far as to say that any device that was used with a banned account should not be able to create, get into, or play the game again.


Just because an account is banned, doesn’t mean it’s because they cheated. I happen to know of an account that was banned somewhat recently but not for cheating. Was a good friend of mine. You can be banned for a plethora of reasons.

Fair enough, I stand corrected.

Players that are banned for cheating should not be able to use their device for WD again.

That would suck if you’d bought a used phone and it turns out that War Dragons had been played on it and the previous owner was a cheater (who was caught and banned).

I mean that’s not something a potential seller would disclose…

Craigslist listing:
One slightly used iPhone 8
Great condition
Unable to download or play “War Dragons” due to banned account for cheating

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That’s an edge case, but definitely one we want to account for. My professional perspective is that device banning should be an intentional action that we only undertake after a great deal of care. Right now it is all too often the unfortunate side-effect of account banning.


I found this whole thread quite disturbing. We have a guy who thanks support for helping even though they couldn’t help because he logs into an account which is banned and then a moderator trying to tell him how he might work around it, :thinking:

Then PGJared states the account was not wrongfully banned for this person, but people still trying to excuse the whole thing as but what he hadn’t been. You would think PG learned from their mistake previously about accidentally banning.

I guess my question is why is this even being discussed? The guy evidently was banned for something and he is trying to log back into the game on another account… Glad he couldn’t. There is enough people cheating this game and allowing them to just create another account sure isn’t going to fix the cheating problem.

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This person wasn’t wrongfully banned. They created an account B, which had the same credentials as account A, which is banned. On trying to log in to account B, they logged into account A, which is creating issues for them trying to log into account B since logging into a banned account can prevent a device from easily logging into other accounts. I’ve acknowledged that this is a problem. It’s also not a high priority because this primarily impacts people who were banned for violating our TOS, and we’re more focused on QoL improvements for people who didn’t violate our ToS.

I also tend to err more on the side of punishing the account, rather than the person. If someone cheats and then makes a new account and never cheats again, that’s great. Do I have high hopes that’s the case? No. But I’d rather have at least some hope.


@PGJared he is saying he never found out why account A was banned though. I think that’s why you were originally tagged here. I know there were auto banns at one point when people started a season and used a bunch of saved ruby’s and chests. What he is saying, if true, is that he opened a bunch of chests and was then banned on account A.

I have to give you credit, but once a cheat generally always one, zebras don’t change their stripes.

you know, you might actually be able to put the price higher for that. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

edit: only works for people who regret spending thousands of $ into the game. xD I still have no puking ideas why I still maintain extreme p2w accounts. xD what I pay to PG feels like insurance fees these days; You don’t want to pay, but you still pay. :man_facepalming:t2:

If skipping an ENTIRE season, while still buying chests and saving EVERY SINGLE RUBY and Gold chest from that season ( so I would be able to get a mythic hunter,is " Cheating " I apologize , and I will tell my friends that are still playing , NOT TO DO THAT…

I ( Don’t know ) why that Account was supposed,I understand the reasoning behind Pocket Gems not telling people specifically " why " their account was suspended,SO,all I can do is speculate " why " it was Suspended.
The ONLY thing I have to go on is what happened just prior to the suspension…
It was around the mid-way Point of the ( Mythic hunter ) season,
During a PVP event ( that’s the ONLY time I open OR buy gold chests ) I couldn’t tell you how many I opened that day, but I opened A LOT,then, I started buying them with rubies,it was like Christmas :joy:,I never had so many energy packs and inner fires,I got on team chat and told my teammates that I was going to grab something to eat, and I would be back for our Mega attack wave at the end of the round.
That was the last Time I played that Account,I was " Suspended " when I tried to log back on, that was approximately 15 minutes after I opened ( Probably ) over 200 gold chests,
If that happened to you, what would you think? :man_shrugging:t4: