Just venting my frustrations

Uugghhh, I about had it with this game. Last week event the darn auto breed took almost a year worth of rubies because I didn’t have enough egg tokens. I’ve been saving those rubies for a mythic. With my health being not so good, game play is limited. So every single rubies are precious and just went down the drain on useless dragons. Wrote to help desk if there’s any way they can help me fix the problem and their answer is straight up “NO”. I’ve also been told I am not the only person that auto breed took rubies to cover egg token shortage. So basically it’s tough luck, suck it up and move on. Now we have this new Kingdom War, it is so frustrating to play. I don’t even know why I bothered to get online to play anymore.

FYI, if anyone is wondering how much rubies I lost, it’s over 160k plus rubies.


That is because you didn’t have enough egg tokens. It uses rubies instead of egg tokens. It sucks big time, and I hope you didn’t only get 100K egg tokens in a year of work-as to me that doesn’t seem like a ton.

100600k… so 100 600 000? :thinking:

Regardless you could always ask PG to roll back
Your game 2 wells. No promise they will
Do it and you will loose anything you got since
Roll back but if you lost over 100k gems may be worth asking for a roll back…

I asked and the answer was they can’t do it.

I didn’t know instant breed did that, was there a warning that rubies are gonna be used?

If you do not have enough egg tokens, it always says exactly how many egg tokens and how many rubies it is going to use.

It tells you exactly what will be used. This is user error, which if you’re not a big spender, support won’t reverse.

May I suggest that you PM PGGal with your support ticket and explain what happened, and maybe he’ll be able to help? It was user error, however as long as they can roll back to where you were before the error (you did receive additional prizes as a result), then I see little harm in doing so.

I told them I don’t care for any of the prizes or dragons if they can just put me back to where I was before breeding event. And the reply was nothing they can do.

In all fairness… This is a mechanic that should have a warning “Are you sure” popup dialog.
I’d probably permanently quit over that. It takes forever to save rubies. How long has this been like this?

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That’s kinda the uphill battle he will be facing, because there are not 1, but 2 warnings I believe.


I used to love this game but little slippery slopes like the poster experienced, slopes that set you back in a devastating way along with crappy-glitchy events that are forcing me to close the game and restart to unlock it has really dampened my enjoyment.
I’ve found other games to play & it’s getting easier to not play this one anymore. Support for this game is very poor.
I get mad & rant at PG because I feel this game has so many good things about it and they seem intent on fecking the whole thing up with greed, poor launches and :poop: communication