Justify price of blah Mythics

This looks to be another lost mythic breeding due to Blah dragons offered as Mythics. Patriotic spells as Red, Blue & White abound along with passive. Heck Legendary Phasma has 4 white spells!
Come on PG what’s up here?


Because the only thing that matters is the color of the spells I see


@PGGalileo Why do these mythics have twice the colored spells as is usual for a mythic? 2vs 1 and both colors making it doubly negative. This makes them considerably inferior.

Also, in the last two years, token costs are up almost 74% (5.5% this tier alone) and keep rising every tier while there’s no corresponding increase in the ability to acquire tokens. This is not acceptable nor sustainable.


Ikaros’ red, blue, yellow, and white spell would like a word with you.


Ikaros is not lineage. But they screwed him up too. Although they made up for it in other ways. These new mythics are :poop:


Is it THATTTT hard to wait and see how they’re flown???

This is honestly enraging how people complain about the COLOR of spells. Really?

It doesn’t matter if a dragon is lineage or divine. They’re dragons. Ikaros had spells of all colors and was still an amazing dragon (despite glitches).

Can we just wait .0001 seconds until they come out and are used by the player base to complain? Is it that hard?


Yes, the color and quantity of color matters. SIGNIFICANTLY.

Lineage and divine matters, they are interrelated in some ways and tend to differ on others (eg: divine is less likely to suck typically). Eg: Anyone can get divines, but are limited in growth via lineage progress.

You are only about halfway to being able to breed the new dragons as it is.

dont matter the hunter is junk with no way of filling ammo and that cooldown hammer spam will eat it up!

The invoker is also junk, cant pass a midlong without consumables

I can agree with you on the cost issue, but not the dragon spell color issue.

Tbh I don’t think mythic divines should be as good as mythic divines either way. Restricting access to equally good dragons for the bottom 95% of players isn’t the best approach IMO. Yes, the dragons need to be viable, but we don’t need a Xul, Quasar, and Ikaros, in every single tier. Top players are already quite advantaged and 3 OP mythics in every tier just seems awfully unreasonable.

Now on another hand, if you have specific concerns with the dragons, let’s see them. I personally cannot judge the dragons, but if you have gameplay videos send them in because I’m quite interested to see what you mean by the colored spells inhibiting your flying abilities.

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Uh… did that already.

Specific concerns.

Stating that spells are colored is not a specific concern. Stating that a cloak’s duration in the spell cycle ends 2 seconds before it can dodge damage again, making the dragon extremely vulnerable to supershots: THAT is a specific concern.

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Yes it is and you fail to understand why.

Many great dragons have colored spells. The spell colors rarely make or break a dragon


A dragon’s viability is determined by the synergy of its spells. Not the color. Certainly red and blue spells are worse than white ones, but that doesn’t make a dragon terrible if it has colored spells.

Ikaros literally had spells of four different colors, yet the dragon was still viable and actually quite good. And don’t tell me that it was because Ikaros was a divine. A dragon is a dragon.

Now if you have specific concerns like being unable to cast a blue protective spell quick enough to avoid supershots, let’s talk about it. I’d be MORE than happy to agree with you. But without any evidence of the spells not synergizing, I cannot help but to disagree.

Edit: fixed typo :slight_smile:


Actually they often do make or break it. What it comes down to is how do those spells interact and how restrictive does that color end up being. Red and blue spells certainly made Aibrean crap. They dont for Ikaros because Ick has ways to deal with those mages and has a white dodge to protect it while it sands the mages

You cant really say “oh red and blue always make the dragon bad” but you also cant say that it doesnt have an impact, otherwise dragons wouldnt need white spells.
Like Helminn’s dodge being red doesnt matter but if Sorath’s attack boost was red it would definitely matter. The problem is some people just want all white spell dragons and if they see a red or blue spell they immediately complain without even thinking how that spell interacts with the other spells and does that dragon have a way to take out the mage.


Aibrean wasn’t crap


No it wouldn’t… It would work exactly the same. If it was blue, that would be an issue.


COLORS ARE HARD, Morreion! Why you gotta expose my secret shame :sob::sob::sob:


Color of spells not the main concern, quality and the COST of a dragon are at issue. Too much for too little.

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