Kaiji vs Haku vs Goda vs Sakura


If I’m a level 70+ which legendary dragon of the season would be best for me? I’ve started on Haku but I’m not sure if I want to go for Kaiji or Goda if the festive is worse. I have a lot of ice armor and a bit of Earth and fire armor.

Edit: Since my problem has been solved, this thread will be for you guys to decide which dragon you should go for. :grin:

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Well there really isn’t any good reason why you would have to decide now without the festive dragon information being released. Maybe hold off and hope it’s a good one (some have rumored it to be a hunter via the game files) :slight_smile:


If you have started and are pretty far with Haku, most people would agree it’s best to finish that line. Not only does it stink at a later point to retire a dragon you like simply because you don’t have the next evolution stone. But the rewards further down the line get better.

As for the rest, like Mech said, it’s better to wait till the festive is out.

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No, the rewards in the middle are the best, since prizing in the drag lines are parabolic.


rewards are now scaled the exact same as the sigils spent to get them.

aka you can earn 25% of the prizes for spending 25% of the sigils of the branch. 50% is 50%. So it shouldn’t matter anymore if you do it row by row (this approximates the prizes by full rows, we know that the items at the start of a row are obviously cheaper than the later items in the row)


Costs may be parabolic, but rewards don’t have the exact same parabolic function, resulting in negative linear cost/reward curve. Making progressing to the end in one line better than dividing tokens between multiple lines, reward wise.

First timer prize on Goda: 6x 12h speedup for 200 tokens = 33,3 tokens per timer
Last timer prize on Goda: 5x 12h speedup for 125 tokens = 25 tokens per timer
Highest timer prize on Goda: 25x 12h speedup for 700 tokens = 28 tokens per timer


As mech said, wait for the festive so you have a complete picture before you make your decision. But as they stand:
Kaiji > Goda (gouda cheese) > haku.


Well I’m definitely waiting for the festive, but I just wanted to know which dragon is the best out of the current three so I’ll just need to compare two dragons together later on.
Btw @Lutrus, wouldn’t Haku be a bit better than Goda because he can Dodge mage drains more frequently and do more consistent damage?


You can use eruption to get through mage drains and have it available for the second half of a long middle island for the health regeneration


See mech’s answer. Typically it’s one volley of mages per island.

Goda has the highest consistent damage with the +35% damage passive that can’t be ice flakked. Even with no consumables, goda can last longer than haku can on a defended base


Ah, okay. By ‘consistent’ I guess I meant burst damage which are two complete separate things :upside_down_face:.
Anyway, would rage still be a problem for Goda since he has no way to gain rage? His spells aren’t too expensive and I guess the cooldown for Eruption is pretty long to be able to gain back all that rage. :roll_eyes:


By all means go for Haku if you enjoy him :slight_smile:

Not trying to persuade you away from it, just a small tip to wait for the festive. I know some folks on here who didn’t wait for Axi and were very disappointed when they missed out on him

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:roll_eyes: Hoping the impossible for festive to have season keys :joy:
All those have short heal time, so they’ll be useful this season.

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Well if someone doesn’t plan to get a mythic, the festive is definitely still a real possibility right? :slight_smile:

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I will definitely wait for the festive to come out ( and I will also proudly say that I got Axi :blush:) but if the festive isn’t good, I just want to know right then what dragon I want. If the festive is good, I want to just be able to compare it with one other dragon and be able to decide. I’ve heard mixed opinions about Goda so I don’t want to get him, test him out, be disappointed, and bench him like I did with many divines. I’m also torn between going for Haku’s legendary rune or another dragon.


Then I’d compare the festive to Kaiji if you were going to :upside_down_face:

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The only problem I have with him is that he can’t heal but he seems very good.

I feel like I’m a little kid trying decide between a toy car or a bicycle :joy::rofl:


Haku did not fare well defended :rofl:

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Go for the batcopter every time :grinning:

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I have haku and kaiju I definitely prefer kaiju over haku but that’s just my .02 cents.