KARGO62 using Airplane mode in wars

KARGO62 is using airplane mode in tonihht’s Wars against two teams. We have 12 players that all got rejected trying to join to defend. Latest player to us this is XxRUZGARxX. Several of us opened tickets with screenshots to PG. just wan the player community to be warned about them. @PGJared @PGMichael

Just to make sure…it’s not that they’re on a different version, right? This tends to happen around updates :eyes:.

I don’t want to defend anyone using Aiplane Mode cheat, but being that tonight a new update was made available, what you experience may be because different versions of the app are used - attacking and defending.

What does it say when rejected? AP mode will have different message from update issue

They could legit have crap internet too. Not defending ap users but theres really no way to know for sure if thats whats happening.

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PG has just confirmed to me that they are indeed using the airplane mode exploit and as such their team will be dealt with accordingly. Unfortunately they say they can’t do anything about these current wars. If I knew of a way to attach a screenshot of their message to me I would add it for you All to see.

That surprises me since there is no way to detect airplane mode vs dropped connection on the back end, or at least that’s what we’ve been told.

Also, screenshot and press the little “upload” at the bottom when you’re creating a post.

As red said, screenshot the message and upload here. If they can indeed detect AP mode then that’s good news

@PGJared - can you tell us if support is over-stepping and making assumptions, or can PG actually detect airplane mode over a dropped connection?

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You doubt them? We had seven of our players all get rejected on the same player. We all got screenshots of the same error message. Additionally the other team that is waring them had the same thing happen. @PGJared

Hahaha yes. Support personnel has made some pretty grevious errors due to misinformation in the past.


This is the error message all of us got pictures of at the same time.

Wouldn’t get my hopes up regarding what support says and whats factual.

They generally don’t overlap at all.

I would be very happy if PG now has some tools to detect airplane mode, but I’m skeptical…



Just reiterating this too, until Jared tells us whether or not PG can actually differentiate between a poor connection and airplane mode.

Were all the runs you couldn’t defend solo or multiple attackers?

We’ve received this same message now on four different attacks on several player’s devices. Come on get real.

And there is NO chance that person has fuck all for internet and legitimately has a poor connection, of course.

I’d be keen to know if all the undefended runs were solos or with backup. @Shadow4Dragons

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Seven of us getting that error message on all their attacks? :thinking: