KARGO62 using Airplane mode in wars


If the person has a bad connection, it doesn’t matter how many of your team try to join - it doesn’t change that they may have a bad connection.


It’s happening on ALL of their players from all the players on three teams that are waring them.


All are solo attacks. @Grumpybigbird


Pretty suspicious then - thanks for confirming.


@PGJared We have three teams waring them now and we’re all being killed on defends. You’ve already confirmed that they’re cheating by using airplane mode. We shouldn’t have to loose these wars but we’re being told you’ll take action later. Can you take action now so we don’t loose the wars due to their cheating?


So every single one of their players flew against you, none had backup, and all invites wouldn’t let you join?


They’ve done 6 attacks so far. All 6 are single player attacks and we could not defend any of them.


It’s possible to reasonably assume from doing a very serious investigation of logs, but an agent shouldn’t be making bold statements like that.


So what happens to all the teams they screwed out of defends by using airplane mode? We four teams that are waring have been sharing information and we’re all behind in defends. What will be done about that? @PGJared


It has not been determined that this team has indeed cheated, nor will PG publicly state that. Help desk agent generally has only limited knowledge about the game, and I would highly doubt be capable to make that determination. If this team is using Aitplane mode or other means, hopefully action will be taken, but as mentioned before this determination will not be made publicly available.


my guess is you will loose the war… it happens. PG wont do anything about it and that’s probably a good thing.

IF pg has finally found a way to know for certain if a player used airplane mode that’s awesome. hopefully they will start banning people for it. But CampusLifer has said on many occasions that they can’t tell for certain when it is used and therefore will not ban people for it. Which is the right approach since many others have pointed out a bad connection can lead to the same thing. Airplane mode has been an issue for a long time. Its just one of those things you need to accept until they finally find a solution.


Again, it’s possible to investigate in a manner which can leave us reasonably sure someone used the exploit. That said it takes a lot of work to investigate a single player for that so I’m not 100% confident the agent in question did this.

When it comes to punishing players found to be cheating we take action in accordance with our policies, up to and including permanent suspension of the account. We’re not yet at the point where we’re really willing to completely alter the outcome of a war because of a cheating player, nor are we willing to start taking team-based actions unless we find a team is primarily composed of cheaters.


That is very disappointing. Things like the Monsters vs Japz saga it has basically just been confirmed that the team using the hacked player gets to keep their ill-gotten gains.

AND that the team can happily use a hacker/cheater to gain advantage, as the team is safe, and the hacker can just hack a new account.


Primarily? That’s a ridiculously high standard. So if a team has 24 cheaters, all is well? No broader consequences?

I’m sure you didn’t intend it as such, but it almost seems like an official PG impramatur of cheating as a team tactic.


I remember long time ago PG banned while team of cheaters
Now ppl can see that they can cheat and they won’t be banned.
Maybe better to show them that they are wrong?
It’s obviously cheating and this ppl literally saying that they don’t care about banning
We all saw a lot of times how fast team which have cheaters can replace them to new.
They creating new accounts with same or different names and playing again in 1-2 weeks
Banning 1person won’t change anything for them :expressionless:
Unfortunately,it’s very difficult to detect main hacker
But if you all know where to search,why can’t you check every single member ?
If there is nothing to hide-ppl shouldn’t be worry about anything
There were some accounts,which we reported about million times-but they was up,till we were able to report personally to Joseph(in past) and CL(now)
Maybe it’s to savage…but I think,if you’ll give small revards to those ppl,who will report about cheaters with proofs(and it will be confirmed)-game will be much more “cleaner” very fast ,
And it’s nothing compared to money with hackers stealing from PG
I believe,that even teams,which have cheaters ,can have loyal,legit players who will help you for free or for rewards.

We are understanding that you can’t talk about this via policy,and we are respectful to your rules.
but it’s also our time and money, which we are spending in events and wars
We are tired of ppl who can make all this work useless,because they can have unlimited resources or anything else.


No. If a team contains 24 cheaters it will have those 24 accounts banned. If we find that the team knew about an utilized those cheating accounts in a widespread manner we will take action against the team. What we won’t do is go after teams based on circumstantial evidence or the actions of a tiny minority of the team.


@PGJared So will you post here when they have been dealt with? Not specifics but just for closure.


I find this thread discouraging. From my eyes I see an agent who was being forthcoming and honest, then, I see some one else step up and while vaguely acknowledge the agent was right, dismiss the whole thing. I interpret it as “we know but :woman_shrugging::man_shrugging:” .
As a member of a team in Sapphire, we are constantly working to stay there, low participation in events now docks us league ranking points, losing wars to mercs/ringers ( whatever you want to call them) knocks us further down. We pay the price by receiving less rewards and defeated attitudes. I am worried about this new Atlas. I’ve heard nothing positive about it since its creation. Cheaters can cheat and PG won’t actively make an example of known offenders?? I am very ok with being shown proof I’m wrong in my thinking.


You can’t be serious?

  1. Adds width and depth the game
  2. Alleviates boredom
  3. Boosts.dragons with riders and gear
  4. Boosts bases with riders and gear
  5. Has additional events with rewards ( source of timers)
  6. Encourages teamwork above solo play
  7. Has much more strategy for those who like that type of thing
  8. Much much much harder to cheat in atlas than core game
  9. Guild banks
  10. Invader xp base

Etc etc


I am being honest. I am not looking forward to it. What you say sounds good. I hope you’re right.