KARGO62 using Airplane mode in wars


Gox is right :slight_smile:

dont listen to those who tell you otherwise.


PG doesn’t care about airplane mode nor will they do anything for teams that suffer because of it, nothing is going to change that. Airplane mode has been around for quite a while and they are too incompetent/scared to do anything about it. Take the loss on the chin and hope you don’t war them again, that’s what everyone else does.


I hope this isn’t the case! Teams/players using airplane mode need to be dealt with severely!


I refer you to our code of conduct:


Okay he could have worded that better but he wasn’t wrong… It has been around for a while, and thus far PG seems unable or unwilling to actually do much about it.


Can someone please explain what airplane mode is?


Its a cheat that allows you get get a hit done undefended. Although i dont think you can bring backup either.


It kills your network connection which results in the defending team getting rejected with the network error while joining attack message. As Mike stated, it also prevents your own team from backing you due to connection state. Now there are also legitimate times that you will receive that message due to poor internet connection of players, routing issues between players and PG’s servers, or multitude of other connection/server problems. People tend to blame airplane mode every time someone receives that error. Although some cases are blatantly obvious when a team repeatedly fails a base with backup then suddenly someone solo’s it and no one can join the defense. Also, the lack of any penalty or enforcement by PG has made it way more prevalent in wars these days.


also note that solo run doesn’t require any connection which is why airplane exploit is working.

If solo run requires a connection all throughout the battle, this would solve the issue, but since that might eat xxx bandwidth, it might hurt more than it could help.

like when you do the exploit, the game would disconnect you and will say “Connection has been lost” like what it would do to other functions.


@Daltwo Yes we had about 12 of us all getting the same error message. Then we see in the war stats that they had a solo attacker.

It does seem like PG is all bark and no bite. They threaten banning the culprits but do nothing. Correct me if I’m wrong @PGJared but nothing has been done. I will continue to monitor this team and report back to you All here. We had three teams waring them and they pulled this trick on all.


I can’t comment on a specific player or situation like that, sorry.


What if they cannot do anything about Airplane mode? What if they are doing something but it just takes time to actually fix the problem.

Patience is a great quality in a person :grin:


“airplane mode” is not just a war dragons issue. There are a lot of current and former games, by a number of companies, where this exploit exists/existed. Some found a way to patch it, but from my research, its clearly not easy since it still exists in a lot of multiplayer smartphone/tablet games.

If anything, due to the widespread use of this exploit across gaming platforms, it would appear to be a very difficult coding situation to remedy.

Best thing to do is if something appears off, report it to PG.


I don’t know how they can remedy the situation except to ban those using it from the game. Do that often enough and the word will get out and players will think twice before cheating!


Well so far nothing seems to have been done. I guess the moral of the story is you can cheat and get away with it cause PG is to busy to care.


The problem is getting a bit widespread, our team actually encountered this last night in one of our current wars. I don’t understand how this issue has not been resolved. As previous posts/threads clearly define the overall problem.

War’s are a necessity of the game for ranking purposes/rewards/etc. Many wars we personally are in end up being 250/250, so defense is priority during war attacks. If we’re unable to defend properly, there is a huge flaw in the system.

Whats the point of warring if you can’t actively achieve one most important factors in the war’s outcome?

I guess the other issue is, how do we properly report these teams/individuals whom chose the route of ‘cheating’?

edit: sorry for the revival of this thread, but it seems somewhat ‘current’


Write to PG. They say they don’t condone this but they don seem to do anything either. Ask @PGJared


Seriously? This is a not so thinly veiled rude comment. Do you realize that airplane mode is one of the most difficult things to not only check for but for them to prove since it mimics a bad connection?

Of course PG is working on something. Jfc. Wait and learn to be patient.


It’s been years… how much more patience do I need?


This problem has been persistent after update and i filed a ticket myself. Mine was worse than defense, even in my attacks when my backer started their attack i was kicked out of attack everytime. But from my today’s experience i think some steps have been taken because connection drop reduced significantly.