KARGO62 using Airplane mode in wars


How do you separate the cheaters from those who may just have spotty network connection? Where do you draw the line before you perma-ban someone who’s done nothing wrong?


The error message is different and they’re solo attacks. Even their teammates aren’t able to join. Check your replays.


That is not necessarily true


As far as I know it’s 100% true. How do you disagree?


The same thing happens with poor connections.


The message received when an individual uses airplane mode is not limited to that act, the message was developed for times when players have problems it’s poor connectivity. PG can not easily differentiate the two as well as us players. It would take a lot of investigation on their part to monitor these suspected individuals. This is reason I don’t come out and start accusing players of cheating…

When I see that this connection issue repeatedly occurs during Wars with only one of the teams we are warring or especially with a few individuals on that team, I simply open a ticket for PG to be aware of it.


Yes I messaged PG about this and all I got back was that it was my end. I couldn’t defend cause 90% of the time it came up with the “connection” error. And since then I have taken more notice that its been happening more often. This is not my end or my teams mates internet cause it only happens in war, also if my internet is so crappy why the hell do I have 33mbps download speed? That ain’t slow. Please PG do something ban them. Take a table spoon of cerement and harden up!


If the attacker was a single person then it was probably airplane mode cause no teammates can join either.


Half our league couldnt war because can’t join battles as wing or defender couple of days ago. Doesn’t mean half the league cheated. Simply means servers were screwed those days.

Yes there are airplaners out there, but its a very very tricky issue to fix. In fact its a known issue across multiple games, and no useful solution has been found.

Best I can think of is a scenario where combat system is changed where you are at a major disadvantage if you try take a base solo - aka bases always need at least two dragons to clear. That way its not really fixed, but a big detriment to try solo during wars since you will not get 5 flames. During normal play doesn’t matter since you have 3 drags anyway. Thus airplaning will make you get less flames not more


Why is like a merry go round with any discussion that your involved in? Network issues effect both sides… so just because a player soloed due to neither side was able to join does not automatically make a cheat utilizing the airplane mode manipulation.


All I said was that’s a sign of airplane mode. Especially with multiple opponents getting that same error message. Those symptoms have been noted by many. And why do you join every topic and cause controversy? Are you a forum groupie? @TheUnrulyMoose


Don’t know if this is related but there was a global issue where Hardware has the meltdown and spectre security vulnerability.

Other games warned their user that they may get slow connection or something due to improving the security of the servers and cloud services.


In todays war , they used airplane mode again. I have screen shots of the league chat conversations and i will open another thread and translate the conversations like your team used first , so we are using because of it etc. I do not have time right now so I will probably open my thread tomorow.


I think everyone’s feedback here is very valuable as its clearly a pretty wide spread problem, not just airplane mode specifically, but the downside/disadvantage of having a ‘weak/bad’ connection.

Given the circumstance, would it not be prudent to revise the system so these two scenarios are obsolete? I don’t have a specific fix in mind, but I do see some people in the thread that have been playing for quite some time (and personally value their opinion).


Oh I don’t know…considering that games older than WD and companies older than PG continue to struggle with this exploit I would imagine it will take a little while longer.


If you have screen shots of a LC conversation where someone admits to using the exploit, submit a ticket with the attached screen shot.


If you had said it was only a sign I would not of challenged your claim. I know you come on to the forums to try and help players and make the game better for everyone, but not everything is as simple as you sometimes imply. Cheating in this game is a big problem that all of us are wanting to see PG step up their efforts to combat.

With the current state of the game and continuous problems with network problems, it will continue to allow players to use this cheat. I commend those members who come on here with possible alternatives that may render airplane useless, and for them to be open to others opinions. I have said this to you before: I support your plight but not necessarily the way you go about it. Instead of challenging everyone that don’t fully agree with you, try to see where they are coming from. Changes that players ask for in the game if it does change is usually pretty slow… so be patient and allow PG to do their jobs.


I find it hard to believe airplane mode could be used as a cheat. I can’t even plug in my charger without closing out, pull down menu to check battery or WiFi reception waiting as a wingman blip i left battle reload. I agree with those saying update /version conflict.


Ignorance is bliss :rofl: if your in saph or diamond league, it’s quite rampant.


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