Kasima base buffs

How do Kasimas buffs apply to the base? I know there are many variables (rider stats, rider gear, research, runes, glyphs, base boosts, etc)

Are the 10/10 from her stats lumped in with runes, glyphs, research, before being multiplied? Or is it applied after everything is added up?

Just curious as to how her tower buffs will be applied to the base.


I believe the multipliers are additively calculated before modifying the base statistics.

Tower buffs are only applied to towers within the coverage area of the relevant perch the same way that regular tower buffs work. Research speed buff is applied globally.

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I appreciate you’re reply but am looking for concrete confirmation, possibly even a formula on order of buffs applied. (I know that’s asking a lot but hey, gotta be optimistic) just want to make the best decision before committing to a rider that may not help me as much as another might.

All boost % are added up before multiplying by the tower’s base stats.


Thank you :grin:

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