Kastor ( red dragon ) question


Why did Kastor’s design change?? -just curious to know.


It’s because PG is slowly trying to change everyhting great that BitPig made.


Which is, not a lot.


??? Mine looks the same… :t_rex:


That top picture is what Kastor used to look like, back when I started playing. PG decided to “update” his look to match the other dragons in that tier, but he lost much of his adorable appeal with the new design.


Wow… I haven’t looked at a red other than ember in a really long time. I don’t think I even noticed that.

I think the new one is “cooler” (in general), but I do miss some of the whimsicality of the old design. But that’s probably nostalgia. They need to have dragons in red that appeal to new players. I’m sure that is what motivated the change. And to have a more consistent dragon look. Although, it’s a fine line between consistency and homogeneity.


Ohhhh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: The new design fits better in the game IMO but the old one does look pretty cute! :t_rex:


Personally, I’d like to see the dragons start as babies and grow up to be BAMFs when they hit expert (so, this would be a potential example of that progression).


Thanks for sharing this! I really wanted to remember how it looked before, I liked him better. Fortunately he can still be seen flying on the loading page!


That’s Kastor? I thought it was Ruma… :t_rex:


Kastor and Borg both got visual updates. I thought they were planning on redoing more older dragons but may have stopped after those two since they are the only ones I remember


What was Borg’s old look? Anyone know? :eyes: :t_rex:


Google gave me this, looks like a green Kastor 🤷
Not sure how accurate it is though



There were 2 kastor models there was Kastor and the other green dragon above


That’s Borg’s old design


Well, this was Borg’s design pre-gold tier release (just checked my wiki from the baby days). So sometime mid 2015.


You mean like how the towers get new looks after so many levels…oh wait, PG stopped that after lvl15 or whatever


“pre-gold tier”


Red is old, y’all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




All I know is they changed at the same time, or very close to it.
I was past them but noticed at some point. Who knows how long they’d been changed when I noticed. :joy: