Kathool is a flop

How on Earth do you keep this dragon alive long enough to get anything done? He was expensive. We got no token to unlock the mythics… This is the worst dragon ever.

Remove Kathool’s name and insert the name of almost any sorcerer in the game and you have the same situation. The vast majority of sorcerers suck and die before they accomplish much. The only ones that have any chance really are the mythics, just like with warriors but there are even fewer good sorcerers.

I basically see invokers as what sorcerers should have been from the very start.


Dreth is good awesome…and kaiji is not a beast.


:eyes: Did you check before getting him?
And how did you fly him?

Allways the best Threats, dragon x y is bad. And useless answers say like here, sorcerer suck. Just wow. Every new dragon gets instant an forum threat about how bad he is. Newer dragons all require some skills and lot of practising/training. It was that way when i started and luckily is back now. No one wants another dragon like Surt which u could fly one handed while drinking with the other. Also a main factor is the right mix of Rider and Runes. The failure is 80% related to his pilot and not the dragon. The other 20% go into bugs with spells etc.


In some cases. Not all. There are factually some dragons, and classes that GENERALLY perform worse than others.

Skill can improve all dragons sure. But each dragon has a ceiling. Some are much higher than others

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Remember Surt :eyes::joy:


Well I like her

I disagree- Kathool is Decent.
Yes it has its shortcomings but It flies as advertised,
Your level of expectation is too high.
Yes, hunters are better, but its not like you did not know this before you obtain it.
No point to this thread, can be closed IMHO.

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Kathool is a festive dragon. Festive dragons are usually a “just for fun” dragon. They usually aren’t great, with the exception of axi and maybe 1 or 2 others. And they’ve never given a key to unlock a mythic.


Not all Sorcerers are bad. Surt is one of the best dragons in the game even after the nerfing. perhaps my expectations were too high. But the attack power of my kathool is setting at 3.55B and he can’t touch the bases GIG can at 2.5B. He gets shot down so fast. I am disappointed in him regardless of the circumstances. I was hoping for another powerhouse to round out my Roster. I’ll just bench Kath and fly on with Surt.


And I agree that the Invokers are what the hunters should be.

Invokers are NOT what hunters should be. They are very much more what sorcs should be.

Right now sorcs don’t have a good use for their swipe attack. It’s kinda why kathool has difficulties. Of all attacks their basic one is the weakest


Dreth can be good if flown with skill, Kaiji is meh.

I think he’s good. watch this video



Might be true but it’s very Op for me at gold tier.

well yeah, gold tier is The Best tier for divines


The older divines were even more OP at lower levels.


Basically every divine is op at the lower tiers


cries in skoll and hati, abraxxas, merkt and a few other dragons that should never have existed.