Katze: Summer Season Dragons


The WD Guide Line chat would like to suggest the following “dragons” for the summer season. Several people came together to create the following dragons and their correlating spells. Special thanks to Grimrr0x for putting the images together.

Legendary Sorcerer: Fluffigans

Legendary Warrior: Furballis

Mythic Hunter: Garfillius

Legendary Hunter (Discount Dragon): Purrfectious

Dragon Rider

@PGCrisis @PGJared

I want a cat dragon

This was a lot of fun!!!


I’m proud of you guys :clap::joy:

You guys found a way to keep it War Dragons related the entire time while doing this.


I notice someone really likes cats :rofl:


I hope perrfectuious is half off, if def go for that one


It says half off


Very creative… good job!


Ahh , your right, thanks


You know I wouldn’t mind this at all…


I’m pretty sure the designs would infringe a good amount of copyright laws from those photos :see_no_evil:. Otherwise looks nice.


We had fun creating them. Concept art was pulled just for reference purposes. PG can use them as their muse.
Thanks to all that collaborated on it. Fun times. Next week we can do Dog Dragons. LOL


This was super cute, I loved it. Good job to those who made it!!


I love Purrfectious :heart_eyes_cat:


It’s purrfect. Lots of kitty dragons :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:


Hau wonderful :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This is amaze @AwAreIV


I play the game where the mouse is from, so yes, you nailed it.


This was so much fun! I hope they take some inspiration from it in the future :joy:


oh god this thread is hilarious :joy: thanks a lot for the laugh. I would definitely buy all of them :heart_eyes:


Beautiful! Great job.