Katze: Summer Season Dragons


Now THIS is the best art i’ve seen in here


I don’t like cats but this is purrrfect :+1:


Splinter reminds me of Teenage mutant ninja turtles. Is that the reference and cat dragon should be a thing :laughing:


Splinter’s real name is “Mutant Ninja Mouse” and can be found in the Toxic Spill, in Burroughs.

Ref: MouseHunt


That is awesome! Great job to all who were involved. :+1:


This is getting released tomorrow right? I’m was saving sigils for the purrfectious dragon…


Please PG. implement these…


I wish I could like this post. But as you know already, I just can’t being myself to like cats. :unamused:


This is awesome :rofl:. Yall need to do a dog one too. :rofl::rofl:


Totally love Fluffigans​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Great job on revealing of our cats real personalities. :smirk_cat:


I would sooo love all these choices!


I want cat dragons now!


Well you talk to your people and have them get with my people and let’s make it happen. Oh and teaser alert: Dogs are coming soon!!!


Tom & Jerry lol


Cannot wait for the dogs :sweat_smile:


I want every single one of these. They are adorable.


I fell in love with fluffigans :heart_eyes:


How did I only find this today, this is so awesome :heart_eyes_cat:

Great ideas! Just some fonts are a little hard to read :smile_cat:


these are awesome. you should totally do this for summer


Thank you, I just had a hard laugh when I read the catnip spell description of Fluffigans :rofl: