Kayla rider 50% off?

why Kayla’s second page was not 50%?

Because PG decided to give only first page at 50% off :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

:see_no_evil: why :sob: it’s too expensive

It’s not worth it unless you missed Grogg. It is as expensive as a dragon would.

I got first page at 50% off. They wanted to give a rider expert available to non-atlas and low level players i suppose.
So it was good for low level players like myself.
I heard from Atlas players that the rider gear is not extraordinary. But I have no experience on that.
Anyway now that 50% off on first page has ended, if you didn’t get it then :frowning_face:
But i like it because of +11.6% Dragon xp boost and it can be moved to any dragon.
And + 5% Attack and HP boost are still great.
Wind gear may prevent it from being used for dragons except wind dragons ( not sure about this but i have no wind dragon ).

I have grogg. The prize of grogg was very interesting. The pg should have make 50off on the two pages during reduce period…
News divine dragons are expensive and it is difficult to have all dragon + rider

I have noctua and this rider is interesting on this dragon

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I am not answering anymore.

Slowly backs away …

They tried something new. I think the first page 50% off was great already for smaller players, and Grogg being entirely 50% off so late in the season and basically entirely half price if you saved enough sigils was wonderful but extreme. I’m not complaining from the players POV, but I understand why PG didn’t do it this time around. Players would complain that they didn’t get the same treatment for the main divine Dragons… Just a thought…

Kayla and grogg are riders who don’t need glory points (rider xp win on atlas). This rider are make for all gamers even out atlas : no glory points necessary to up them.

Aw Pog, naughty! You frightened them showing off your Noc :joy::joy::joy:

I have Kinnarus, so I was interested too, but I’m reasoning myself that it’s rare gear only, even maxed out, and I can farm this later with my own work and my my satisfaction will be greater this way :grin:

Sorry I can’t be silent.
I am a baby in front of you and have no idea of how atlas forge works but is it tough to forge gear better than rare in atlas?

In atlas you win craft shards to forge gear. You win glory points in altlas attack. You up your rider with rider shards this last are very rare

$$$$$$ :point_left:t2::point_left:t2::point_left:t2::point_left:t2: All about that Or if you have one of those bases with 3.m Rubys

Such bases are likely cheaters who will get banned soon :joy::joy::joy: 3M rubies… Is this even one person really getting that many rubies… That’s like 12k$…

Ok I admit big spenders can actually have that many rubies if they saved up a bit with sparce spending (in rubies :grin:)… :sweat_smile:

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I like it this way. I got this one for the half off and I’ll get the second one they release for the half off. I’ll forge its gear in Atlas.

IF they do a half off for the next rider… Did they confirm this?

Even if they don’t i still will get the first page.

I think the season riders are more valuable than the ones in Atlas for many reasons.

Yes because the crafting gear are very expensive and uncertainty… rare… mythic… legendary ???