Kayla Shards - Redeemed all but not enough to get her expert

Please advise. I have redeemed all the shards from page 1, however, i did not get enough to get to max level. I am stuck at level 49. I logged a ticket for this. Support has told me 3 times to reboot my game even though my initial message said I already tried rebooting. This is becoming quite frustrating.

Ticket # is 484614


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Spaghetti code!
Do you mind sharing screen caps of kayla’s first page and her level up screen?

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contact support if you can with that screenshot. 4 of the shards might have disappeared while you were claiming it.

As my initial post said, i have contacted support. They are in denial.

Include your ticket number here.

@PGEggToken Is this something you can look at in place of Jared, or should we still ping him?

Ticket # is 484614

Tagging @Arelyna :green_heart:

is it actually in denial or properly checking if TS can solve it.

Shards have been added to my account. Thank you for the support.

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Glad that they were able to help! Just as a general rule, support will usually have you run through the typical TS steps just to make sure that those have been eliminated as options of why something is happening.

I have the same problem

I also finished the first page and got Kayla to expert but there isn’t enough shards to complete the research branch :thinking: is this normal? Am I suppose to sacrifice one research for the other? This is my first rider claimed via-season prize. Can someone confirm please

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You have to follow one path (I don’t have Kayla but do have Grogg) aka I can’t just go for cannon, archer, and lightning resist all 3 and expect to finish. You gotta pick a path not multiple. It’s not enough points to research EVERYTHING

No you can’t do every research unfortunately.

I missed 1 1/2 spots of the research path. Everything else was covered. This is good to know when getting riders so someone can plan appropriately Thank you .

Grogg was the same last season. It sucks but if u go carefully instead of just smashing buttons you can see that it won’t cover the entire research path.

Usually I take the shortest path to the end then work back from there and fill in gaps.

YES I experienced the same thing here with Grogg last season, which I level to expert but cannot unlock all the boxes. Left almost 2 boxes unable to complete it. And this Kayla facing the same issue again here.
Is this NORMAL PG ?

I just don’t understand why they advertise all of the buff if essentially you can’t get them all. Sacrifices have to be made.
edit: I don’t recall them saying, “choices of” or “choices between”

On the twitch stream where they introduced Grogg they stated you couldn’t get all the skills you had to prioritise. I agree they should put info out more clearly since not everyone watches the streams.