Kazane and Surt skill tree options?

Just curious if I should max out hp or balance it a little with attack (with hp being higher obviously) since Rag needs a slight buff

I’m thinking 12 attack and 20 hp since I’m currently sitting at 14 attack and 13 hp with Astrid

Ragnarok is based off HP, so max out HP.
Heck i believe all of Surt’s (majority of sorcerers) spells are based on HP only

Well nvm that then…

Rag is dragon attack unfortunately and cool looks like I wasn’t accounting for some extra skill points…

How many extra skill points will kazane have after maxing sorcerer hp? Will I be able to plus up the +6% portion of the skill tree…I can’t see how much they cost just yet

And ya coulda kept the chart lol it was a great reference :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, looks like 14 attack and 19.2 hp was possible but I’d have to reset for that so I’m on the 13.2 A and 20hp path now

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:roll_eyes: For Surt, isn’t Adriak better? He has high balance HP/AP

I’d probably use Saito at 17 atk and 15.8 hp. Surt is one of the few sorcerers that cares about his atk stat over his hp

Yea I’ve never even gotten a full atlas line let alone 3 so not even an option…also already have kazane so saito isn’t an option

A boost in HP is needed for incinerate, had read that his limit is more so that vs ragnarok

Could you please clarify? I’m trying to optimize Surt/rider as well. So, which attack if any is based on attack and which is based on hp? How would the ordinary player get this info? Thanks.

  1. Incinerate is HP, Ragnarok is AP.
  2. By forum announcement. Or…
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Doh! Thanks for the clarification. Should’ve seen that. Having said that, isn’t “attack power” a combination of HP and damage/sec statistics? If so, why wouldn’t one opt for a HP maxed rider, which would seem to benefit both incinerate and ragnarok simultaneously? Thanks again for any thoughts.

Attack power is just a number to summarize dragon strength, it has no effect whatsoever on spells or anything else the dragon does.

Spells are affected by health (hp) or damage/sec (attack), or both for some spells. HP will not boost Ragnarok at all.

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Attack = one fireball damage (or lock on fireball)


What Orca said… use your swipe attack and ragnaroks dmg is based off a single fireball damage

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