Keep the token drops or let them dissapear?

  • Keep the boost?
  • Meh don’t care.
  • I hate having help overcoming the Breeding walls!

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Keep it! Breeding tokens are standard game resource…I think it should drop all year around not just on Easter :hatching_chick::man_shrugging:t2:

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Why is this a poll? lol… :rofl:

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I didn’t make it lol

Please get rid of them! It’s very irritating when your doing a run having a big yellow egg pop up!

Plus I usually like to stay under 20k tokens I have a nice routine going…
It takes me exactly 9 breeding events, usually around 3 full seasons to breed one dragon and now these annoying egg drops are going to screw this all up!


Hey, you forgot the /s tag…oh wait, no you didn’t :rofl::smirk:

so pg has a running tally of how many want to keep them

Thank god this is such an unbiased poll lol


Make it 20 instead of just 10 per tower,a.s.o


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