Keeping my options open


Looking at my options

LFT – 280+ noob start tho AmSh1tplat3 to any


Language: English
Time Zone:UK
Played time:few years, 18 months break
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:yup both
Dragon Roster Includes: just got Renard 2nd dragon in that teir
Highest Lineage Dragon:200+million attack

About: just on the look out ATM am active team player with kinda high expectations if I feel the team can do better I say it privately to leadership I’ve been part off a diamond team so understand pressure that it pretty much will just wait and see it’s me on my own tho possible 2 people

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I’m not trying to be rude but a lvl 280+ with 2 garnets seems pretty slow with the breeding progression.

This means your base probably isn’t going to be impressive for your level either, so I doubt you’ll be overflooded with offers.

I’d rather suggest for you to stick with your current team if it has access to atlas or join a team with atlas even if their league is lower than p3.

Give up on this season, do nothing but farming up egg tokens the entire season except meeting your team’s standards.

Tier up a little, then start looking out for options, especially when you’re looking for a team with higher minimum standards.

Good luck, bud. I’ve been in that kinda tough spot with one of my f2p accounts. :worried:


Yeah as I said noob start didn’t have people like there is now saying how to do things so was building everything and anything and breeding without a breading plan so was doing every dragon then once I was told I was gone too far lol


That’s rough, but for now you most likely won’t manage much higher than plat. Just grind your ass off for egg tokens, slow your levelling as much as you can, and use all the resources that are available now.

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You’re on a breeding path now, right? :eyes:


Haha yeah I am lol


Seen that happen a few times, had the same prob after I started and spent months correcting it lately but where I should be now lol.

We are plat 1 FuriousRebels, we are looking for active players and can take you in if your looking for a home and help you grow. Message me in game, same name, if interested after the event or when ready.


We have two spot if interested.

Message me Deeis


If you’re still looking for a team The Remnants has a place for you! We are a Plat 4 team but climbing the tiers together. We don’t mind if you’re a noob, we are here to help each other learn and grow. We are an Atlas team with a lot of experienced players and a lot still new to Atlas. We would love to welcome you to our family! Just PM me if interested :hugs:


If you still need a team XArkhamXAsylum is a progressing Gold 2 team with a goal of reaching platinum and atlas. All you need to do here is participate in all wars and events and download LINE for a better form of communication. We have players in the 100s, don’t know if that’ll help.

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