Kelvin or Vulcan

Which one do you guys prefer :smirk:

Vulcan is very very very terrible


why? :hushed:

Kelvin, his shield helps massively. Vulcan just kept falling from the sky :sob::rofl:

He has nothing to mitigate damage.

Kelvin, if used correctly he can one-shot an entire base.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: “correctly”

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Kelvin is much better. He has a shield from frozen tomb, and also avoids projectile damage by freezing them midair. He is excellent for xp bases.

Vulcan is a big turd. Most disappointing dragon to that point in the breeding progression.

Kelvin is a beast with XP bases.

Kelvin has been a favorite of mine since he was able to solo IAmAFarm when he was a little baby.

Like wut is this Divine Fireball…is it just a badass of all fireballs

2 rage fireball instead of a 3 rage.

It just costs 2 rage instead of 3

It cost 2 rage instead of 3 but comes with all the same glitchiness potential

There an echo in here?


:joy::joy::joy: beat me to it.

But wut about rising phoenix…is it bad?

It is if you can’t use it because there’s a blue or you’re out of rage, which is like, all the time. Also easy to mistime or under/overestimate the Damage you’re going to receive during its duration.

No but do you want me to tag him?

(see what I did there…?)


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