Keystones....where have they gone

So I know they’re talking about removing the bazaar in favor of another armory but I’m assuming that’s not in effect yet since I still have the bazaar.
It’s been several events since I received any keystones as a prize and I was wondering what events give keystones or how I’m supposed to earn them.



I had this conversation with another member of my team 2 days ago. The info button for the keystones still says “earned through world map events” so I wonder when we’ll see them again.

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PGDave posted this somewhere else:
“The keystones were rolled into timers, crafting materials, etc. It is correct that keystones are no longer in the game.”

Is there any info on when the bazaar is going away? Be nice to know when to use em or lose em regarding keystone, or if they’ll be replaced with the new chests (or whatever). Sorry if I missed it, I did try searching

I forget where it is but I believe it was pgjared who said that keystones are getting turned into chests.

I hope the bazaar stays around for at least the free daily

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