Kicking inactives before war starts?

Need opinions because I am pretty new to the game. We declared war against a team that would start in about 7 hours. We plan on kicking members that have not participated in a couple events and are showing inactive. Are there any repercussions to our team from kicking members before the war or should we wait till after the war? Just wanting to know the best strategy. I need valued opinions on what to do, not sarcastic comments about being a newbie please.

Wait after the war otherwise the other team will gain 5 flames for each member you’ll kick.


kicking a member or member leaving a team will give 5 flame points to the other team as long as they registered on that war.

Be sure to recruit first before declaring to prevent giving 5 flame points to the other team.

Left team
Kicked out
Empty Slot

3 of these situation will give 5 flame points to the other team.


yup always kick and replace before declaring a war. :slight_smile:

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Now that’s out of the way, unless there’s a chance of you being declared on, you don’t want to kick those people until after the war.

When you kick members after a war has been declared, the opposing team gets a free 5 flames and are unable to get 250 flames (you’ll only be able to get 245 if you kick one, 240 if you kick 2, etc.)
So, as far as what to do.

  1. Don’t kick the inactives, there’s a chance they might show up :man_shrugging:t3:.
  2. after the war, kick them if/when you have replacements. Having empty slots on your team is worse than having inactives.
  3. if you don’t have replacements, wait till event castle for treasure hunt phase pops up on Wednesday, then kick the inactives, and no one will be able to declare on you due to the pvp protection (no wars can be declared during the pvp time).

forgot to say that don’t kick players while the event is active. that is pretty much rude and prevent them from getting a team reward. Even if they are inactive, they might just be going online and doing a few attack and back to their real life problem.

Kick them once the event is over and at least 4 hours has passed to make sure that they receive their team reward for this current event.

unless they got the automatic kick from the system, then there’s really nothing we can do.

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If you kick them during treasure hunt phase, they can still join a team and are able to score for themselves and their team. But I agree, if you’re in the battle phase, it’s common curtesy to kick after team rewards have been given.

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I think Kenshiki meant Fortification event, not your PvP event comment. But we replied all at once without reading each other comments mostly. (Still beat you all with my first comment lol :joy:)


Thanks so much for the advice. You guys are great!

If they are inactive kick during the event, who cares. It’s not hard to stay out of inactive status and my guess is they are missing wars also. Why let an inactive not help the team in the event and gain the rewards. Plus sitting at 49 during an event has a tendency to pull in more applicants and you don’t have to worry about getting declared on from another team during major events.

Oh, something else to note is that back in October 18, PGDave confirmed an update to active status, so inactive is truly inactive now due to how easy it is to obtain active status.

If you read what I said earlier:

I agree with you. However they should be kicked during the treasure hunt phase, not the battle phase. And you’re absolutely right about the applications.

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