Kicking team member during war


If during a war, a team member is attacked and opponent already gets 5 flames from attacking team member then, if the team member is kicked… Will it give the opponent any flames since the team member did not do his war run and was kicked before the war ended?

Nope but you’ll lose the ability to get 250 flames for your team if he leaves before doing his run

Well thank you. Someone who has been very sure said that the team looses 10 flames for kicking a player who had been hit already and was inactive.

nope. you wont loose any flames if he is down already. :+1:

That someone is wrong :sunglasses:

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Actually, that person might be right since there is an inconsistency in the way the game handles players leaving the team during wars. This is my thread on the issue but it wasn’t resolved.

Was it confirmed that they had hit a second time tho??? I think that’s a glitch not the norm but no surprise pg didn’t respond

To which attempt? I’ve tried twice to duplicate a null war run but haven’t been able to do so. To be honest, I gave up cause it’s not an issue for us right now since I removed all but one of my alts from the team.

Example… if I attack in war and someone had attacked me and then I’m kicked from the team. Nobody loses any flames.

2- if I am attacked but I do not do my attack and I am kicked then my team loses the opportunity to get 250 total flames and the other team loses nothing

what if you finish your 5 flames of war, player A attack you and only got 3 flames. After that you quit the team then rejoin 30 second before war end.
first question: Does 5 flame appear next to your name?
second question: Can player A attack someone else for flame?
third question: How many flames show next to your name after you rejoin?

Yes the chances are lost but, does it get the opponent team 10 flames?

Coz I know my opponent team got 10 flames when this happened. Is it a glitch?

Guessing its a glitch.

even if it give 10 flames, the maximum is still 250 so they most likely to end up with the same result

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