Kill/Dead Ratio on unsuccessful attacks?

I know it varies I’m just looking for estimates. Searched some searches with no luck!

On one of your own castles say some level 500s come to visit (Siegers) lower level Silver ones, level 2-6. All siegers have little to no atlas buffs 0% - 10%. - 4K troops
You attack them with another silver sieger level 10-15 with 20% - 25% increased stats.
You catch tough defenders and fail at 40% - 50% destroyed roughly how many troops do you kill & Lose?
On an unsuccessful attack is it more about the stats on primarchs and if your stats way outmatch your opponent will you still always kill more even if you only take out 10% - 20% of the base?

Is the perm dead a lot higher on an unsuccessful attack then it would be on a successful attack?

Also in a situation like this with an unsuccessful attack to kill off the most troops & lose the least amount what are the deciding factors?

@OrcaFrost What do you mean? Yeah I’m curious about unsuccessful attacks ones with only 10% - 60% of the base destroyed

Sorry. Wrong read :see_no_evil:

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I believe Mech’s calc has covered this…
Try playing with it…


Ok will check it out! thanks

The ratio depends on all - the AP(of attacking primarch), the DP (of defending primarch), No. of troops carried by each and the percentage destroyed or the flame counts.

The permanent troop lost however depends only on the flames earned, for 5 you get 90% (attacker), 4 flames I believe is 80% and then 75% for 3 and anything below is 70%… and other way around for the defender. Can’t recall the exact numbers.

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I have a tab in my calculator for easy access for most stats. (it also helps me to be able to make changes to certain aspects without sifting through too many formulas)

Under 1 flame the multiplier drops to a rounded up to 10% intervals (aka 15% would be a 20% factor).

This glory ratio is multiplied by the primarch stat ratio to get your overall kill ratio. This is then multiplied by the army size ratio (still iffy on it, seems to be working differently than before 4.98) before being evaluated on an end case scenario (who wiped or maxes out losses) then the other is calculated

It’s all in my calculator if you dig hard enough and know where to look :slight_smile:


Just need influence rating for attack outside NML :pray:

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Yeah i definitely didn’t include any team influence ratings because I don’t know the info on it, and it’s pretty difficult to determine when hitting. I guess I could alternately just put a % input for overall influence rating (not splitting team and level) but I dunno lol.

I can think about it and consider it for sure

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Would it be different now that the glory % is determined by the level of the attackers backer (if they have one)? Or does that not affect the defender?

The backer only affects the glory gained by the defender. Basically to calculate glory for the attacker use the attacker’s own level. To calculate glory for the defender, use the backer’s level.


oh man I had it all backwards… :woman_facepalming: I thought it changed the glory % for the attacker… say if I attacked someone my level but had a higher lvl teammate follow I thought my glory would be reduced…

Edit…I apparently don’t know how to read lol Thanks Morreion :kissing:

  • [Atlas] Defending players will now earn Glory based on the highest level player that is attacking them (including the attack backers). No changes have been made to the Glory earned by the attacker i.e. you still earn the same amount of Glory as you did before with a backer

Thoughts on having castle guards as a defender option?

Yeah could also consider that (aka auto populate defender slot with prim type/level which is equivalent).

But probably not within the month, busy at work due to someone getting sacked.


It’ll be a lovely addition when you have the time to make the change :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Good luck with work. Having to do more because a coworker got fired sounds intense :cold_sweat:

It also seems dragon flown has some effect on glory ratios. I was swapping glory with someone and we would do 10 to 12 swaps in a go. If they led with Surt the glory would be more favorable for them than if they led with I think it was Prospero. On a 7,500 troop swap (just over 5k glory) it would make a 200 to 300 difference in glory. If he led with Prospero the losses on both sides were very close but if he led with surt he would lose less troops. We swapped at least 2 occassions so over 20 runs same primarchs same Army sizes.

I’ve noticed some differences based on the damage the attacking dragon takes, even if flames/dragon remain the same. Seems a little odd, but :woman_shrugging:

It was me. And EVERY attack I used Surt there was a 2-300 glory difference. always the same amount of troops for each of us. No idea why the discrepancy. Out of 20-25 attacks, the 4-5 I used Surt were always lower than when I used Pathox. .

Maybe damage and damage taken? Idk! But @TheLoneSavage the type of class or specific dragon I highly doubt would have any outcome on glory

I’m pretty sure I had almost my entire base stored so should not have been much damage to the dragon.

I know it sounds so odd. But when we swapped over 20 times and the ONLY time the glory was different was when I attacked with Surt (4-5 times). It made me wonder what the heck the difference was. Every other attack was normal glory and used multiple different dragons with no issue.

Edit: I used pathox about 12-15 times, Airbrean 4-5 times, and surt 4-5 times. Only time the glory changed was with surt. I should of screen shot the results but its really weird.

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