Kill event in atlas

You have to be kidding ?? 45.9k troops totally killed didn’t get me tier one in event??

These prizes suck balls. I killed almost all my troops and haven’t even collected the first prize. Did someone put a decimal in the wrong spot?

Glory is based off how many of YOUR troops got killed (lol what) and not how many the enemy loses. I know the amount of glory was also reduced a while ago but haven’t done any attacks since then myself. Perhaps prize tiers were not adjusted after that update?

@PGDave have prizes been adjusted to compensate for lower gp gained from fights? It doesn’t seem so as first prize can’t event be reached very easily.

So basically a super deep pocket guy can perform kamikaze attacks and max event within 3 minutes?? #PGlogic #Mindblown

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Prefacing this with the changes to Glory gain and Troop training here:

While it’s true that more Troops need to be killed now to earn Glory, the amount of Gold, time, and peasants needed to recover the equivalent of 1 Troop is the same as before this change. You can think of this as a higher/faster turnover rate of Troops, or more battles overall. Since this is the first event of its type since the Glory change, the loss-of-Troops will definitely feel higher than you’re used to, but this will even out over the course of a few cycles of losing and then training/reviving Troops. We’re definitely open to feedback about how this event feels in the ways of earning progression prizes though, so please keep the feedback coming!

@Shimo This is only partially correct. The amount of Glory you can earn is capped by the amount of your troops that die, but you still need to do significant damage to the opponent to reach that amount. This is to prevent stronger attackers from griefing less-powerful armies.

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Well, Echo beat me to replying but here’s my very similar 2c:

This is an artifact of the combat balance changes a few weeks ago which dramatically increased troop reviving, reduced revive costs and proportionally reduced glory earning payouts per troop. You can still get exactly as much glory per gold, time, and sailors used after accounting for all revives – but you get fight more and recover more easily (good things). On the flipside, reviving isn’t instant so it’s more difficult to extract as much glory as possible from your troops (including reviving them as much as possible). Over time, I expect this will balance out because instead of killing our your troops during an event you’ll kill them all and then revive many of them … and then get to use them again in the next event along with any additional troops you’ve trained in the meantime.

Here’s a link to the change announcement (which in turn has a link to a lengthy discussion with players): Combat Balance Changes (Oct-27)

That said, I think we need to adjust the prize tiers so that it is easier to achieve the early prizes. Looking into it.

I see a paradox here. You’ve implemented the mega coins to minimize the time needed to make event points quickly yet these changes make me have to fight more for the same points. The two goals are working against each other.


5 additional prize tiers have been added at the easy end of the individual prizes. If you already passed the threshold for earning these prizes, you will need to earn one more point to unlock them.

I expect that the revive mechanics will cause players point-earning potential to increase over the next several glory earning events (i.e., prizes will become easier to achieve as players benefit from the increased army sizes that will be associated with the relatively new revive mechanics). It won’t be an overnight change, but I’ll be watching closely and continue adjust as needed.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.


I’m aware that there’s other factors involved but I find that most players don’t understand why the link looks greater between glory and the number of troops you lose than the number of troops the enemy loses since most attacks I’ve seen end in 100% destruction. I think calling it glory throws people off too. Like I let’s say I go kill 5k troops and lose 1k. 5:1 kill ratio, nice! Sounds pretty glorious to me, all my troops’ armor is still spotless and shining. But let’s say the invisible wall screws me over and I don’t do so well on my attack. I still take out 5k troops but I lose 4k. Ouch, I lost almost as much as I took out, sounds like a nasty battle. I still killed the same number of troops but with more losses on my side, yet somehow I get more glory from the bad attack. That seems odd, no? I’m making up numbers here but I have had battles go this way in the past. I do understand why the mechanics are this way. It makes sense from a developer standpoint for the reason you stated but from a player perspective it seems pretty counterintuitive. I’d have to do an awful lot of thinking to understand if I didn’t already know from reading here

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Agreed. Personal points for this event should be based on troops killed, not Glory points. (im not saying adjust amount of glory points received necessarily, just adjust how we get reward points).


Killed 20k+ troops from a team, got 3.1k as reward. Wth pg.

I am a lvl 207, i hit a lvl 280, killed 5K troops, lost 900, 5 flamed it and i get 500 glory points. REALLY???

This makes me not to want to even bother with this event. Why? with this ratio i would have to do 11 attacks like this just to get to the initial 5.1K prize tier.

Thanks but no thanks

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Just want to simplify what was already posted in the Combat Balance changes post already made.

The max glory you are awarded largely capped based on how many ships you lost in the battle. In the best case scenario, you can get .543 glory points per ship that you lose in battle. If you have a great attack, that is the max ratio, if you do a poor attack then you could get less than .543 glory per ship lost.

Also remember you can now repair a larger % of ships that previously, so you can repair up those ships and send them right back into battle.

In this scenario you would want to decide if you are concerned with getting glory fast, or getting it efficiently (being willing to sacrifice some ships against a harder target, or do many attacks against easier targets).

yeah, beta needs serious work to make it fun. i’ve given up. sad…

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Old system vs new system. Something that was kinda fun and fairly easy to progress if you wanted to was changed. To not as much fun and almost snail progression. The rate in which glory and rider xp was nerfed is way too much.we don’t go out looking to zero out our troops every day and with the way glory is now no point in even trying this event. I’m not sure how you guys came up with the 2-8 mill Troops to max the atlas event the way it is no one has even built that many troops ?


Think if it was tweaked to .5 glory/xp per troop killed in the battle it would work.If it stays like it is feels like less of an add on to core game and more like another game I have to play.

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WE understand what you did… doesn’t mean this event makes any sense. It’s an attack event where you reward attacking poorly. That is stupid.


You would hope this will make top teams attack other top teams…but now they just need to kill off more lower teams to get their prizes… :pensive:


The glory gain needs to be reverted back to how it was, simple.

I’m skipping this event until it becomes worthwhile to attack.