Kill ratio education request

Sorry if this seems elementary, or if it has already been covered.

I’m confused by the kill ratio from an attack on my primarch earlier. I’m level 210, and was carrying 4500 troops on my level 2 fighter. I was attacked by a level 364’s fighter (not sure about primarch level). Somehow my teammates and I managed to drop three dragons and the attacker only managed 34% of my base. SWEET! Or so I thought.

In the ledger it shows I lost all 4500 troops, but the attacking 364 only lost 810 troops, in defeat.

As an Atlas noob, this just doesn’t fit in my head. I’m sure there is an explanation - could you sages please educate me on how that works?

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what prime did he attack you with? If I had to guess it’d be a high level seiger. It’s all about his attack and your defensive numbers of the primes in atlas, and then what percentage of the base.


Fighter vs Fighter (was half asleep when I made the post, sorry).

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