Kill the damn birds

For the love of god will you please kill the fricking bird noises. They are worse than fingernails on a chalkboard and serve no purpose but to annoy.

Play the game on silent? That kills them lol.


You are making too much sense :roll_eyes:

I assumed it was another A/B test to quell player rage… doesn’t seem like it worked.


But then you can’t hear the buildings explode and when blocked by a spell you need that

Nah, the screen shakes a little.

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PG will take this as an issue to correct in game and say they listened to us

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I really wish they would do something about this. I hate the bird noise and really isn’t needed. Please for the love of everything do something about this.

I believe the summer season was already about killing birds.

Angry birds?

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There is already a thread about this but it was ignored too. They are darn annoying

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Their shadows are worse

Keep this in the linked thread please.

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