Kill Zone Layout Suggestions

With fortification upon us, it is time to look at our bases and figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Many of you seem to have this down to a science.

Others, like me, pay attention to bases that are hard to beat and copy what seems to work.

That being said…with so many new towers, I am curious to see different combinations that would constitute a “kill island”

For example…is it really a waste of a tower to put a crystal how on island 3? Is the dark flak/ice flak combo still the most effective source of heavy damage?

Feel free to comment, discuss, or share layout idea that you think are effective.

Thanks in advance

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If you (not YOU specifically) don’t utilize the range of ch, yes, it is a waste.

That’s a bit too obvious.

Edit: The role of dp in current meta and where it should be placed, for example, would be better suited to be put on debate as its position in the current meta is ambiguous, according to a dev,

and still requires comparatively new resource, ebars.

Edit 2: and maybe about which perch area should be utilized when you go 15 maxed towers. (i1~3 vs i4~6) as that will cause difference in time to 70% the base. Or should you use i4 and 5 as the main kill zone and place 5~6 chubby towers on i1 and 2 along with farms and mills in order to delay opponent’s 70% timing.


On short kills you really need the extra Hp in towers. Howitzers have like, no HP

It is still pretty effective depending on the layout

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RE: Howies

I have my howy on island 5 actually, so one can argue I don’t ‘utilise its range’, but it has proved to be quite effective tbh (for my setup atleast)


You’d still put it on i4 if we had 6 slots on each island though. :rofl:

As a matter of fact, I would not :woman_shrugging:t2: I’d rather have a second ice flak on island 4 if we had a 6th slot than my howy.

I quite like where my howy is, because it has been effective for me - doesn’t mean it’s the only effective position for it.


Don’t you already have 2nd ice flak on i4 with your 1st on i5? :thinking: that’s how i remember your base, but my memory isn’t how it used to be… :disappointed: so probably I’m wrong.

With the new towers…can you make an effective kill zone?

Crystal DP
Arch Arch

Does with work on a back island? (i1 or i4)

For a moment, I thought those were two archers. :rofl::joy:

No, that’s not what my base looks like

Too lazy to crop…


Thanks for correcting. :laughing: my memory really doesn’t serve me well these days.

I still prefer FF IF combo but I change my layout fairly often based off of what I’m hit by more regularly.

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Unless you are somehow drowning in electrum then you might wanna reconsider this one


Assuming I did, is this the ideal kill zone?

That was more the intent of the question

Think about your base layout in like the terms of war another faction if it take two of one person dragons that’s all I focused on and I know the best way to prevent them from getting 7 flames

:thinking: I assume it would work but I wouldn’t say it’s “ideal.”

Although if your idea of ideal is something defendable then it certainly fits that criteria

To clarify, I don’t think any layout is “ideal”

I’m seriously thinking to replace my Howitzer for a Drakul Pylon, i just like the idea to pair it with lightnings.
Howitzer seems to punish average players while just annoying good players but average players already dies on my base, Howitzer or not. I wanna stop good players or force them to use 2+ drags and more than sometimes I do it but again, my Howitzer seems to not be involved in this result. That’s why I’m thinking about…or maybe it’s just because i get high XD

I don’t think a pylon would be any more effective than a howy tbh

A pylon is kinda… a filler

Like… I had nothing better to build so thought I might as well build a pylon sorta thing (imo atleast)


and what about to replace my 2 Lightnings with 1 Ice Flak and 1 Drakul Pylon ?
i have only +78% lightnings ss damage from runes ( 1 epic, 1 legendary, 1 mythic ).