Kindly conform Invader to new XP max please

When you have a moment, as per subject @PGDave @PGEggToken

Also, since the folks in charge of monetizing endgame seem to love crazy upgrade costs with almost zero benefit (looking at you, storage hut), can we get some relief through Atlas by restoring the formerly useful clock counts in rewards? 35 keystones or whatever per tier are far less motivating than much needed expedites imo.


I agree. This is an urgent issue. Teams will be suffering big time because of this. It’s hard enough to get gold for infrastructure as it is. Now, bigger players will be doing the majority of their xp runs outside of Atlas, so the team will be getting significantly less tax revenue. This is a HUGE problem.
Please FIX.


I agree. Timers need to be increased in all aspects of the game including in the atlas events.

Working on making sure atlas bases pay out xp in accordance with the new updated amounts.


Thank you!!

Thanks Echo.
Making it tough to keep the team gathering gold, hope this comes through soon.

Please push this through with high importance. Poachers are escaping and gold is collecting dust in the mines since people can get so much more xp outside of atlas now. :beers:

I have seen increased xp. I am not sure how high it goes for upper level folks (I am only in my 250s)

Max xp is 364k. And it’s for flying against lv500s. My atlas only went up 205k :expressionless:

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Hi! Any updates on this ?


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Just passed QA. Will be on prod within 24hr I expect.



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Check now :smiley:

It’s definitely increased, but I still get a full 100k less than I do hitting a max XP base unfortunately. Can you double check on your end?

It’s increased but the biggest issue I see is the cap on tower levels needs to be increased past 40. The first pic is invader. The second is a 500 something base with level 60 towers. @pgEcho

Yup, increased but not maxed - still populating invader with lvl 40 towers, assume these need to go to about 50?

45s will be a good but they will introduce 50 levels :joy:

Still not giving max xp just increased by 40 to 50k :sob::sob:

It is now working as intended. Thank you.

Yes the level jump is also done nicely… thanks