King of hill, unused siege equipment

test when will we receive the energy boxes from the final event. I have yet to get them in game.

You should have already got it a while ago. Check the tab where you can buy packs. Things like that will turn up there. If you didn’t know that though I wonder how much stuff is waiting for you to claim there

First check there. After that, if you still see nothing with energy as a credit, then please file a support ticket.

I filed a ticket and was told to wait a week.

Ask for escalating the ticket. I didn’t get my packs either and I filed a ticket. It was resolved within an hour or so (I didn’t reply as soon as I could, but the support did). Join the screenshot of your empty store, I think you will be asked to give it to support.

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update it again or if it’s closed and you haven’t received it, create a new ticket since that “wait a week” should have been only the first few days after KotH officially ended as far as I can remember.


Feel free to PM the ticket number, and I can look into it.

How do I make a ticket it’s hard to find where. I have looked all over and can’t find where to submit a ticket, an no one has yet directed me to where to do so. Using my cell on the web is pain in the tail. Can someone link direct me to the summit a report page?

As for the dev in chat, I have not received any energy packs in the game from the final king of the hill. I have not gotten any store packs with said energy packs credited to my account. I
GN: Silvtalon, team: Upinthesky… if you want to investigate.

You can find the ticket menu ingame in “options” (the cog icon) and “help”. But for easier access here’s the link to support for your internet browser :

I did not receive any energy box es for king of the hill

create a ticket and support should credit you if you haven’t received any. If you did receive and forgot about it, they should be able to clarify it to you.

Ok, got it figured out, submitted a ticket I think. Thing is that how they got submit a ticket set up is not really clear on Samsung galaxy phone. It’s a plus symbol… odd.

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