King of the Hill - attack buttons aren't working

When I click Attack in the event nothing is happening. Have another team mate that has the same problem.

Anyone else experiencing this? I preloaded siege weapons and they’re sitting there going to waste since the attack buttons don’t work!

My attack buttons are also acting a little odd. I have to press the attack button a few times for it to register but it eventually does. Could be just a little delay with the launch. You might try taping and holding for a second to see if that helps as it did with mine. I had a similar issue but eventually worked itself out just a little lag.

I am on an iPhone, and I have to tap the lower left corner of the attack buttons, almost feels like I am hitting the button below. It is strange, but I was able to get it working.

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The actual “attack button” is way to the left of where the shown button is. I can get by by pressing on the left most part of the shown attack buttons, but I agree with the above posts, it’s very frustrating.

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My iPad is having this problem but iPhone 6s seems fine

Sorry about that folks! So the attack button actually works, it’ just that it’s not as responsive as we’d like it to be. It is slightly harder to push than normal, taking 2-3 attempts instead of 1. The team believes that there’s a UI issue causing this-- they’re already looking into resolving this.

For now, as a temporary workaround please tap on the bottom leftish side/bottom left corner of the attack button.

The left side of my attack button is not there. I’m on an iPad Pro so plenty of screen space.

We’re looking into this on a test device in-house. Hopefully the team can come up with a fix soon. If I find a workarounf for iPad, I’ll let you know.

Same issue on Android. But if seems as if you can tap the ENTIRE left edge of the button, and when you do that it is 100% successful click.

Update: The team has resolved this issue. please let us know if there are any more issues around attacking or the buttons.

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