King of the Hill Event issues

Something should be done about the ability to take forts in king of the hill event. I just cleared 57.7% of a fortresses wall, and another team came in with one match and took that fort from me. That is not right. Less than 100 points and they won the fort. Now they are in 3rd, and I am in 14th with no points. Not Right!

That’s messed up, but it’s been an issue since the last 2 iterations of the event… I believe you need an extremely high percentage to guarantee the fort

Luck of the draw, nothing special happening. If you don’t get 70% you may lose out.

Also not much use to call for changes when this event will never be run again…


When people are ignorant, they tend to go all out across multiple topics.


As stated, you have to do 70% of the damage to guarantee it. So while you had a 57.7% chance of getting it, you had a 42.3% chance of NOT getting it.

Besides the fact this is the last KotH event, there is a percentage that much be achieved to guarantee getting the fort and it is much higher than 50%.

If it only required 50.1% to guarantee getting the keep any team would be stupid to continue on a fort once a team had a significant lead. This would also force your team to do much more than barely 50% to get a keep. Of course we have to take your word for it they had less than 100 points on the fort which I think is pretty hard to get that little.

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I and others have been around this the first KOH and while PG has tried over many iterations of this event to make it better, it still sucks. The 70% guarantee win was a huge change in the right direction with the event but never could bring this event out of the “sucky” category.

It is what it is and the current iteration is as good as it was ever going to get. But was never good enough and that is why its being retired.

PG really did try with this event and I give them props for the effort. It just was never meant to be.

Good riddance.

I know this is the last time for this event. I only meant in future events to look into and possibly change that dynamic of the events. I did not know that you needed 70% to secure the fortress. But there was one team that had the fortress, I then gained a higher percentage from them. When the third team, with one match took it from the both of us. At least that is what it seemed like.

They can’t win the fort with less than 100 points. If they did you should raise a ticket. You need minimum 5% of the fort to be eligible.

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That’s not why it’s being retired. It is one of the best events we have. It’s been solid for a long time.

PG is claiming it’s too complex to continue maintaining.

We’ve had a total of 2 good events for a long time and both are PVP, KOTH and Team Gauntlet.


The reason its too complex to continue maintaining is because it is NOT solid. It has always been a faulty event with poor game mechanics they have never been able to resolve.

I actually like this event except for one thing… not only do energy costs only reset every 24 hours but there’s no cap on energy cost even in gauntlet max cost is 30 … when I saw 68 as the next cost I bout died laughing… even if I had a thousand energy packs it’s doubtful I’d ever feed into that

The mechanics have been solid for the last year and a half. The only people that struggle with it are people that can’t read directions or are too lazy to. Otherwise, it always works fine. It’s one of the least glitchy, dependable events out there.

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:joy: you must be playing a different game

Nope. I’m just not a whiny bitch that jumps on bandwagons because I can’t think for myself.


Yep. Totally agree

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