King of the Hill - lack of ranking points


So the event island has appeared and the team prizes appear not to contain any team ranking points. Is this intentional?


Going old school :tada:
Edit: Other than prize tier… even at lower 200 sigils range, that looks pretty high. O.o Seems like that’s how it was in the past, though. Nevermind \o/


They actually lowered sigil prizes this time in two ways. Last time there were 28 tiers with an extra 600 tier prize to bring it to 2950 sigils. This time, they dropped that and we are at 25 tiers for 2300. The difference is that last iteration, the 500 tier brought your total to 2350 sigils, this time the 500 tier is 50 sigils lower. Small, yes. I haven’t logged all the prizes but if I look I’m sure rubies, tokens, timers, gold chests and energy packs were nerfed as well.


I wonder if they’ve started hiding the later tiers, until someone’s closer to them like they did in this past fort event.


I noticed no ranking points too. That sucks we are stuck in platinum 2 & with the ranking we’d be able to go to platinum 1 :rage:
Just when I was getting used to it.


I think they add 2 BONUS milestones (like the last fortification event), so its actually more siggils than before


well … always depends on the point of view:

the theoretical overall amount of sigils might have been increased with Bonus tiers.
Yet look at the number which percentage of Players reaches how many points per event in average - all those tiers will reach max the same or more likely less rewards then before.

So increasing max sigil payout for 1% of the players while NERFING it for 99% of the rest is something I can´t really comprehend (forgive me: numbers here are asumptions, I can´t give concrete data).

Fact is, for the average player the even prizes get nerfed while costs for EVERYTHING increases. In addition more content (now we have 6 season Dragons PLUS another additional branch) is released to increase spendings… a new Feature called ATLAS realesed where you can also spend.

Don´t get me wrong: it´s good that the devs make money and that the income is flowing. As a “customer” it simply reached a point for me where I emotionally and rationally consider it GREEDY what the PG does.


@PgJared still waiting on a reply to this before event starts please.


Not 100% sure, but I don’t believe any of the pvp events have had ranking rewards in the prize tiers. I’ve only noticed them in the minor events.


Last couple of pvp event there were ranking points payouts. You either gained some, broke even, or lost some depending on how your team placed. It was there in the fight pits. I can’t remember when we started getting them.


Hi all,

Unfortunately, we won’t be rewarding team ranking points for this event. The team is still in the process of reviewing the impact and the response to this type of reward. It’s nice to hear there’s an interest in this, so I’ll definitely pass this on to the team. We wish we can include them after seeing this thread, but to add them last minute can potentially cause some issues. Rest assured, team ranking points will be included in future events.


PVP events should have ranking points. This is an oversight that needs to be corrected.


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