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Our league just experienced what I believe is a glitch. (I’m not sure if this happened in other leagues). Every single fort (even those with high health) dropped to <100 and showed as being owned by BlackBloods then captured and shielded in the last 10 minutes of the last hour. Some of these forts had a lot of barricades on them. It looked like the whole event reset and then all forts got captured straight away.
I’ve sent in a ticket and at least one other person in the league has.


Massive Event Glitch Requires Immediate Attention!

You didn’t even have to search for the thread, it’s one of the featured threads:


I searched, while this problem is probably related. The event for our league was working perfectly then suddenly reset to BlackBloods and all got recaptured within 10 minutes. We can attack and capture and earn points. No being stuck or all owned by BlabkBloods still (except for those 10 minutes). This isn’t a case of can’t capture a fort etc. Teams just lost forts and points they shouldn’t have.
Thank you for searching again for me.


Like this?


I already said thank you for searching again. When I originally found that post in the search I couldn’t see the same problem scanning through in the 2 minutes I had to sit down. Now I’m at my laptop and looked through it properly I can see that the issues are similar and therefore most likely related.

we can’t take down the forts because they are stuck belonging to the

We can take down the forts, they are not stuck belonging to BlackBloods and never were, Blackbloods owned them for a few minutes, showing <100 hp when owned by Blackbloods, until they were all apparently recaptured.

Our league has no way to gain point if no one is able to take down the islands taken by the blackwoods

Until the current shields come down I have no way of knowing if we can gain points, but considering all forts are now owned by league teams I would presume we can attack, gain points and capture forts.

As I said similar issue, so probably related, thank you for pointing it out.

@PGJared (or whichever mod is on) this can be locked and I’ll link it in the above thread. Thank you.


Hi, all So related to this glitch in Gold, the bases are being given to the last team that attacked no matter how main points they took. For example my team took two fortresses at 52% and 69% both got stuck at less than 100 and then when they were assigned we did not have control, it look like the last team to attack the base was given control. WHich shouldn’t be the team that took the most of the wall is supposed to get the fortress this is NOT happening in Gold League


The fort doesn’t go to the one who got the most % of wall (unless you get 70%+). You just have a greater chance of getting it.


yes it is BS this happened six times were we had 68% and didn’t get the
fortress. The only time we claimed the fortress was when we got 70%. i
would think we would get the fortress at least once. but other teams were
getting the fortress if they did any damage. how is that even fair.


It definitely had the chance of happening since you didn’t get over 70%. I’ve been on that receiving end of the stick more times that i’d like to admit as well, with 69.8% and 69.9% which really hurt.

Either way i’m still in favor of reducing the 70% threshold to 50% or something a bit more manageable while keeping the lottery system in tact to give other teams a shot at winning the base if there are a few teams vying for the possession.


Dropping it below 70% will swing the pendulum too much in the way of bigger teams in the league - they can move onto the next target @ 50%. I think the balance is right currently.

Perhaps they need to relook at the RNG to give a larger weighting the closer you get to 70%?


@PGDave @PGEggToken @pgEcho I am also having serious issue which I had to put in two tickets about;

  1. I did an event attack and my energy was used but the opponent wasn’t in raiding feature. Still 4 energy to attack
  2. Gifting was an option which i hit by accident but noticed I only had 2 options not only for gifting but to purchase for myself
  3. Around 3 hours to the clock running out I no longer was getting chest I was getting rubies
  4. Event ended 45 minutes earlier than supposed to.

I only put in tickets for two of the issues but these problems were difficult and sucked.


So true! My team rarely held fortresses but because we attacked higher we ended up rank 8 in our league because we attacked higher fortresses. That is the key. The bottom ones just aren’t worth it. This is my opinion.


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