King of the Hill - Retirement Party Updates

Good day, Dragon Lords!

This week we say auf wiedersehen to a long-running PVP event in War Dragons: King of the Hill. Starting tomorrow, this will be the final run of this event for the foreseeable future. :cry:

A few weeks ago on stream, PGCoffee joined us to discuss the intent behind retiring this community-loved event. The TL;DR here is that King of the Hill is an older but highly complex event that is difficult to maintain at the level necessary to provide a stellar experience for our players.

While we wave goodbye to King of the Hill this week, know that the team is hard at work creating new PVP events that share some of KotH’s most beloved features. We even have a new event coming up that we’re previewing on our livestreams all week! (Hint hint: you’ll want to tune in for this! :wink:)

Here’s some details on how this final King of the Hill event will be run:

  • Siege Weapons and Barricades will will continue to drop as normal when you open chests. While we initially discussed removing these consumables from chests for this event, teams which had leftover Barricades and Siege Weapons from previous events would have an unfair advantage.

  • Once King of the Hill ends next week, we will be converting leftover Siege Weapons into Energy Packs with the following ratios:

    • For every 2 Legendary Siege Weapons, players will receive 15 Energy Packs
    • For every 2 Epic Siege Weapons, players will receive 4 Energy Packs
    • For every 6 Common Siege Weapons, players will receive 1 Energy Pack

    We are crediting players based on the equivalent amount from that category in chest drops (Legendary, Epic, and Rare). Yes, we will round up! :slight_smile:

  • We will NOT be exchanging any leftover Barricades from this event. Barricades are a strategic consumable that is unique in functionality to King of the Hill and do not impact individual point-scoring. It’s better to use your barricades during the event since they’ll be gone once the event ends. All Barricades must be used!

Players will be credited their converted Energy Packs after King of the Hill ends and before the next major event occurs. Get out there and make the most of this last run!


Nobody wants wood barricades. You can take them out of chests and I guarantee you won’t hear a single complaint.

Can we swap for inner fires instead? Please?


By common do you mean rare?


I think energy makes the most sense, it is essentially the consumable you need to simply participate and the drops align with the current drop values.

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Given Energy is already quite ample I would strongly urge exchanging IF’s (Inner Fires) for Siege Weapons. IF’s are a “score boosting consumable” just as Siege weapons, thus, that drop is more inline with the item being replaced. Lastly, I think the vast bulk of the players would be happier getting IF’s vs. Energy. ;))) Agree or disagree??


I agree IF’s would be preferable, however, I wasn’t expecting anything for leftover KotH items. I am more than happy to get energy packs for them.


Thanks a lot for exchanging leftover siege weapons!


I think EP is still a good one instead of IF. However, if they would add IF also:

Maybe every 7 common = 1 enegy pack + 1 IF
3 epic = 4 energy pack + 4 IF
2 Legendary = 13 EP + 8 IF

Don’t know what’s the best amount for each so this is what I have in mind.


Energy isn’t necessarily quite ample. Many can’t find energy. I’m teammates with someone that had like 3k IF during gauntlet but next to no energy packs. Everyone gets different drops on those two consumables and energy packs are significantly more valuable to many than IF.

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Can’t say I like getting nothing for barricades given they’ve been a waste of space in chests this whole time…regardless of whether they don’t give anything for score they still have been a waste of a chest

Edit: Will these piles of garbage still be wasting chests for anyone that opens them this event, or have they been replaced? I was going to open chests this event, but if not, then no. Yuck.


Wood barricades should NOT be in chests. Period.


What about odd numbers? I mean say, 1 Legendary, 1 epic, and 5 rare

It says they’ll round up

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Agreed, take out the wooden barricades. No one actually wants them and given that there wont be any exchange for them they really dont need to be in the chests.


Currently the packs for sale have IFs in them. Is that gonna change for seige weapons?

Yep, these will change for the event. :slight_smile:

Exactly my thoughts :joy:

Said it will give an unfair advantage? We don’t care we just don’t want Wood barricaides lol

You can take out the siege weapons replace with inner fire & anyone with remaining siege weapons credit them inner fire for them!

I would give away a slight unfair advantage for the chance of not getting any of those terrible drops!

No exchange rate for barricades?

Also @PGCrisis when has PG ever cared about giving others an unfair advantage?!? :joy: You’ve seriously opened a world for a very long time it was only for a select few teams that is filled with unfair advantages! Screw having beta be random! You’ve also allowed your favorite teams (big spenders) to keep all of their beta progress (wtf?) Just another great idea from the guys at the office!
Not only they are all setup in Atlas and have it completely down they’ve recieved all kinds of unfair advantages while there!
Next time should make sure the expansion can hold the player base and if it can’t, then work on it until it can! Not launch beta and have an 13 year roll out plan!

But your keeping useless Barricades & Siege weapons in gold chests because you do not want others to have an unfair advantage? :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the information, I was initially concerned that all my stuff would go to waste. Them rare things … I have loads and loads of them. :flushed:

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People hold onto barricades until after the event? I guess if your team absolutely crushes the competition every KotH that could happen (no need to use them), but they aren’t like siege weapons where you can only use 1 per hour and end up piling up on your account.

I hate getting them too, but they are usually gone about as soon as I get them.

What will change? I’m confused since you added a smiley face.